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A $60 Gadget to Do Your Own Car Diagnostics

Posted 1/28/19

Our electrical specialists love tech. These days, cars are pretty much computers with engines and wheels, yet your average driver has no idea how to access the data. Here’s a $60 gadget that could change all that and connect your car’s interface to your computer,...

Check Engine Light On? Time for Some Car Troubleshooting.

Have a check engine light come on? In most cases, this isn’t a big deal, but it’s also something you shouldn’t ignore. It means your car’s computer has indicated a fault in its corresponding code. It could mean you have a slightly faulty exhaust system or it could even be a sign of engine failure. That is why it is important to run a diagnostic check, a digital form of troubleshooting your car using a code scanner that can read the nature of the problem. You can purchase a scanner from an automotive supply store or download an app and equipment that hooks your phone to the diagnostic system of your car. You could also take the car into your mechanic for a checkup.