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VW Mechanics Rejoice! VW Outsells Tesla By a Long Shot

Posted 12/28/20

As VW mechanics, we naturally spend much of our time repairing Volkswagens. And it’s great work. Car repair is what we do, day in day out at our auto repair shop in Cincinnati. But we have to pass the time somehow. One of the latest...

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VW Launches Million Dollar Suit Against Parts Manufacturer

Posted 4/27/20

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, OH, we live and breathe automotive news. The headlines of major European companies like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi are like soap operas to us. That’s why our mechanics were curious to learn that VW is currently suing...

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VW Becomes #1 Electric Car in Norway — Outselling Tesla

Posted 11/11/19

Any VW mechanic worth their salt wouldn’t be surprised — Volkswagen is giving electric car king Tesla a run for its money in the electric car market. The Volkswagen e-Golf outsold the Tesla Model 3 in April sales in Norway, following an 86% sales decline...

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The VW Electric Dune Buggy — Beach Bums, Take Notice!

Posted 10/7/19

Back to the future: that’s how our VW mechanics described Volkswagen’s new electric dune buggy during some shop talk at our Cincinnati auto shop this week. Volkswagen’s new all electric dune buggy combined the perfect amount of future and retro in one tantalizing combination. It’s...

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VW & Ford to Leverage Tech w/ New Global Partnership

Posted 7/22/19

We love repairing European cars. But it’s a global world. The transformations automotive makers will need to make in order to remain competitive require out of the box thinking. That’s why we’re optimistic to hear about VW’s plans to partner with Ford to meet the...

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Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Suspected for Fixing Radar

Posted 3/26/18

We love Volkswagen, but when will the company finally get its act together and stick to the straight and narrow? Probably long after we’ve retired from Volkswagen repair, that’s for sure. In October, European Union investigators raided the offices of Daimler and Volkswagen in an...

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VW Pulls Plug on Plans for 10-Speed Transmission

Posted 8/28/17

Ding dong. VW’s 10-Speed automatic gearbox is dead. Our Volkswagen mechanics understand why. The car company is trying to step back from its “bigger is better” approach that led to its emissions scandal. The car company pulled the switch on its much discussed 10-speed dual-clutch...

A Sneak Peek at the New Electric Volkswagen SUV

Posted 7/15/17

At April’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen fans got a sneak peak of one of the four affordable electric vehicles expected to be released over the next few years, RT reported. The third model to be under the I.D. sub-brand, the new I.D. Crozz SUV is...

Will VW Soon Recover from the Emissions Scandal?

Posted 4/12/17

Ever since the scandal surfaced, pundits across the board had predicted VW’s emissions scandal was the dinosaur killing meteor that would wipe the car company from the face of the earth. It was discovered the company had programmed hidden software allowed  it to cheat on...

The Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Flushing your radiator pushes 4 to 5 gallons of antifreeze through the system, which cleans out any old contaminants through the system. Draining the radiator doesn’t actually get the grit out. It removes about 50 percent of the antifreeze and leaves the majority of the dirt. Not only does a flush remove the dirt, but it also lubricates the water pump. It’s also a good way to get an inspection done on your system to see if there are any leaks. Plus, the new antifreeze has additives that prevent rust and build up. It’s best to have a radiator flushed about every 10,000 miles.