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Why You Should Get Your Radiator Flushed

Posted 10/1/18

Antifreeze gets old, just like the rest of us. How long has it been since you’ve had a radiator flush? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time. There are a number of benefits. Keep in mind that a radiator flush is much different than just...

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4 Awesome Diagnostic Apps for Car Troubleshooting

Posted 9/24/18

It used to be to troubleshoot any car problems you had one of two options: Take it to local Cincinnati auto repair shop, or break out the car repair Ouija board and take your best guess. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of diagnostic apps...

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Porsche Sales Surge 20+%, 911 40+% Compared to 2017

Posted 9/10/18

Porsches are awesome cars. Our mechanics love them. Apparently, a lot of people do. The company just posted its sales numbers for this past February 2018, and they’re pretty impressive, which is good news. Our repair shop likely has its fair share of Porsche brake...

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BMW Launches First Battery Plant in China

Posted 9/3/18

Our BMW mechanics love BMWs. They’re great European cars. BMW’s secret comes down to design and reliability, which are certainly European traditions, at least when it comes to an awesome automotive. Still, our mechanics have to admit they shed at least a tear or two...

Labor and the Cost of Cincinnati Car Maintenance

The most expensive part of any car repair is usually the labor. If your mechanic tells you the repair is going to take a week, ask why. If they say the repair is a complicated job that will take a while, chances are they are milking you for time. Granted, some parts may take a little while to order and maybe their schedule is all filled up with previous work orders, especially if you took the car in for an emergency. Yet even most complicated repairs shouldn’t take more than a few hours in labor, however. And if they are doing similar jobs where the labor might overlap, make sure they aren’t charging you for the labor twice. A quality mechanic will try to minimize your car repair costs as much as possible, Cincinnati!