Fire Ravages Mercedes, BMW Californian Auto Shop

Posted 5/21/18

We mechanics stand together. And European Auto Specialists would like to offer our sincere condolences to Statewide Auto Sales in San Fernando, Calif. The European auto garage that specializing in Mercedes and BMW was hit with a fire last Nov. 10. The fire “was reported...

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BMW to Unveil 5 Electric Cars at LA Auto Show

Posted 5/14/18

BMW fans striving to go all out electric have several options to choose from. The company will debut five upcoming electric cars at the upcoming 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show: the MINIElectric Concept, the BMW C-Evolution Scooter, The BMW 8 Series Concept, the BMW X7...

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Audi’s Self Driving Electrical Specialized Genius

Posted 5/7/18

Love Audis? Ready to go electric? How about giving up driving altogether, at least in bumper to bumper traffic when you’d rather be reading Grisham’s latest. Our Audi specialists have some good news for you. The car manufacturer plans to soon debut not one but...

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Want to Own One of the Last 3 Original Saabs?

Posted 4/23/18

Are you a Saab enthusiast? We sure are. We love repairing Saabs, but we also enjoy geeking out over their history. And last September a real piece of history went up for auction: The third-oldest surviving Saab, the ninth of 20 prototypes built before the...

Car Troubleshooting in a Nutshell

Whenever you’re troubleshooting a car problem, it’s best to be methodical. You can analyze pretty much any problem with a good multimeter, though there are also a number of smartphone apps you might try as well. A fuel pressure gauge is also a good idea to test your fuel gauge. If you turn the key and nothing happens, no engine, not even the lights come on, then chances are you’ve got an electrical problem. Check the battery posts and cables. Try whacking it with your shoe to see if you can re-establish a connection. Some problems will intersect, so it can be difficult sometimes to find the root cause. And remember to be patient. Frustration is where you often make the most mistakes.