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The New Porsche 911: the Evolution of the Electric Porsche

Posted 7/1/19

Porsche likes to think ahead. That’s something our Porsche technicians certainly have observed all these years repairing Porsches. And if you own a Porsche, it’s a quality you probably appreciate too. After all, it’s one of Porsche’s advantages that make it unlike any other car...

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Notice an EPC Light? Your VW Needs Repair

Posted 6/17/19

Unless you’ve experienced an EPC light yourself, you probably have no idea what it is. In a nutshell — it’s a sign your VW needs repair. The EPC light stands for Electronic Power Control. It’s a warning indicator that there’s a problem with the throttle...

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BMW’s i3 to Be All Electric with Plenty of Driving Range

Posted 6/10/19

Not that long ago, BMW offered its i3 Electric with a range extender option that extended its driving difference with a diesel engine backup. Thanks to battery improvements, that gas fueled extension is now a thing of the past. “BMW has dropped the range extender...

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Jaguar Technicians Take Holiday Leave in Wake of Brexit

Posted 6/3/19

Some Jaguar technicians are getting an early Christmas break this year, though that’s not necessarily good news for the company or Jaguar employees in general. They’ve been put on a three-day work week to deal with production stalls expected as a result of Brexit. Fortunately,...

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Look Like Regular Cars

Posted 5/27/19

It wasn’t so long ago you could spot an electric vehicle in traffic and know it was electric. It looked like some sleek futuristic tinker toy designed by Buck Rogers. Until recently, electric vehicles looked less like cars and more like science fiction. BMW wants...

How to Use Diagnostics Apps to DIY Car Troubleshooting

Need to do troubleshoot a check engine light in your car? Most of the time, the issue is minor — an emissions problem, a faulty gauge, perhaps a belt that needs tightening. Occasionally, the repair needs can be more serious and you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. That’s why it's always good to take a check engine light seriously. Fortunately, there are a number of car diagnostics apps available so you can troubleshoot the problem right from your phone. Then you can decide if the problem is worth taking into your mechanic or if you can safely ignore it. Save time and money by diagnosing the problem yourself.