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Porsche Sales Surge 20+%, 911 40+% Compared to 2017

Posted 9/10/18

Porsches are awesome cars. Our mechanics love them. Apparently, a lot of people do. The company just posted its sales numbers for this past February 2018, and they’re pretty impressive, which is good news. Our repair shop likely has its fair share of Porsche brake...

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BMW Launches First Battery Plant in China

Posted 9/3/18

Our BMW mechanics love BMWs. They’re great European cars. BMW’s secret comes down to design and reliability, which are certainly European traditions, at least when it comes to an awesome automotive. Still, our mechanics have to admit they shed at least a tear or two...

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The Collaborative Friendly Approach of BMW’s Tech

Posted 8/13/18

At European Auto Specialists, we don’t just geek out over the engines of cars. We love the entire package, from what’s under the hood to the design, marketing, and technology of beautiful European cars. And yes, our BMW mechanics love it when their Pandora stations...

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Signs You Need New Jaguar Brakes

Your Jaguar might have a brake issue if you ever hear a sound connected to braking, there’s a difference in braking power, or you notice a burning smell while you’re driving. If a red or yellow brake warning sign comes on, it is time for an inspection. A high-pitched squealing sound is a sign that the brake pad wear indicators have been worn thin. These are steel contact points that connect with the rotor as a warning sign that the pads are wearing out. Another sign is if you experience wobbling or feel one side pull stronger than the other when you brake. When you brake, the stopping power should feel smooth and completely even on both sides. If not, you should bring your brakes in to your Cincinnati mechanic for an inspection.