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Would You Buy a 2 Door Luxury Land Rover SUV?

Posted 7/16/18

Land Rover is weighing offering even more options when it comes to adventure in its luxury SUVs. Last December at the the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, Land Rover hinted it was considering offering 2-door SUV as a flagship vehicle, perhaps on a limited run...

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VW Boasts Record Year of Sales

Posted 7/9/18

It’s safe to say that 2017 was definitely a good year for Volkswagen. The company posted record sales for the year, riding record sales in deliverables in November and December. Registrations for VWs, as well as nameplates Audi and Porsche jumped 8.2 percent in October...

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Finally, a Mercedes We All Can Afford: the A-Class Sedan

Posted 7/2/18

Mercedes is known for great cars, but not necessarily for its affordability. Well, the times they are a-changing. BMW is planning to release its A-Class Sedan, an “entry level” Mercedes with an expected price tag of just $30,000. The company designed its price for younger...

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BMW Plans to X2 Its Electric Car Sales by 2019

Posted 6/18/18

BMW is electrifying the highways, and plans to light up the electric car market even brighter in the coming years. The German carmaker plans to more than double its sales of hybrid and electric cars by the end of 2019. So far, BMW is on...

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Mercedes Racing Team to Put New Concepts to the Test

Posted 6/4/18

Mercedes plans to test out “some interesting concepts” in the final two grands prix of 2017 as it prepares for next season. Its racing team wrapped up its fourth consecutive constructors’ and drivers’ championship double early. “In its preview for the Interlagos race, Mercedes pledges...

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The Importance of Porsche Scheduled Maintenance

To get the best performance out of your Porsche, follow your preventative scheduled maintenance plan like clockwork. Every make and model of car is slightly different, so don’t just follow generic guidelines but instead stick to what’s spelled out in your owner’s manual. Oil changes should be done fairly regularly. Timing belts will need to be replaced every 60,000 miles or so, and serpentine belts every 40,000. Don’t forget the little things like windshield wipers. These can actually scratch up your windshield when the wiper is worn to the metal. Tires should also be replaced every year, about when you have worn down to 4/32" of remaining tread depth.