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Jaguar Technicians Take Holiday Leave in Wake of Brexit

Posted 6/3/19

Some Jaguar technicians are getting an early Christmas break this year, though that’s not necessarily good news for the company or Jaguar employees in general. They’ve been put on a three-day work week to deal with production stalls expected as a result of Brexit. Fortunately,...

How’s Your Brake Fluid

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Look Like Regular Cars

Posted 5/27/19

It wasn’t so long ago you could spot an electric vehicle in traffic and know it was electric. It looked like some sleek futuristic tinker toy designed by Buck Rogers. Until recently, electric vehicles looked less like cars and more like science fiction. BMW wants...

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Using Your Own Car Diagnostics App for Insight on Auto Repair Cincinnati

Have you considered doing your own car diagnostics? These days, all it takes is a smartphone, a diagnostics app, and maybe some hardware to connect the engine to your phone. This way you know what auto repairs are needed before you bring it to a Cincinnati mechanic for repair. You’ll know if that check engine light is a big deal or can be safely ignored. There are plenty of quality diagnostic apps available through iPhone or Android. They can tell you what’s wrong with your car, as well as provide handy data when it comes to fuel performance, mileage, and speed to help improve your driving. Don’t be caught off guard. Know what exactly is happening in your engine, right from your phone.