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The BMW 3-Series: Serious Tech for a New Age

Posted 7/29/19

At our Cincinnati auto shop, our technicians have a little rivalry going. The guys who fix BMWs and the ones who like Mercedes are always arguing why their favorite car is the best. It’s a lot like the Ford/Chevy rivalry of the ‘80s. We like...

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VW & Ford to Leverage Tech w/ New Global Partnership

Posted 7/22/19

We love repairing European cars. But it’s a global world. The transformations automotive makers will need to make in order to remain competitive require out of the box thinking. That’s why we’re optimistic to hear about VW’s plans to partner with Ford to meet the...

BMW & Jaguar Land Rover Pool Resources to Develop Electric Tech

Posted 7/22/19

There’s been a trend lately of automotive powerhouses teaming forces to leverage the electric car market. Add BMW and Jaguar Land Rover to the mix. The 2 European car companies have decided to partner in development of electric motors, transmissions and power electronics. “Together, we...

South of the Border: BMW to Open $1B Plan in Mexico

Posted 7/15/19

BMW is set to open a $1 billion plant in Mexico — the country’s first — despite the threat of potential tarifs from Trump. The new facility will be located in the central Mexican city of San Luis Potosi. The launch will employ 2,500 workers....

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Mercedes Ramps Up Battery Development with $24B Investment

Posted 7/15/19

This past Christmas, did you spend $23 billion on batteries? Mercedes did, or at least it plans to. The company announced last December it would spend $23 billion on battery cells, and invest another $1.1 billion in eight battery factories in Germany, China, Thailand and...

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BMW Commits Itself to 100% Global Renewable Energy by 2020

Posted 7/8/19

BMW has electrified its commitment to decarbonization with quite a spark. The company revealed it is already sourcing its electricity from 100% renewable sources in Europe, and plans to source from renewables worldwide by 2020. The company recently made the announcement on the occasion of...

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Why You Should Have a Cincinnati Radiator Flush

There’s a world of difference between a radiator flush and a radiator drain, Cincinnati! Draining merely removes the radiator fluid and replaces it with new. A radiator flush, on the other hand, removes the old radiator fluid, and then pushes new radiator fluid through your system to remove contaminants. Once the system is clean, another dose of radiator fluid is added to keep the system full. It is absolutely critical that all dust, dirt and debris be removed from your radiator and pipes. This keeps it in top working condition. Rust and dirt are removed. It also lubricates the water pump. The process also helps prevent rust buildup and foaming in the system. Your radiator will perform much more efficiently as a result.