When It’s Time to Say, “Fix my Jaguar,” or “Fix my Porsche”

Posted 12/20/22

There are few vehicle brands that simply scream excellence and luxury in quite the same way as Jaguar and Porsche. These two import vehicle brands have both been regarded as the pinnacle of sophistication for the better part of a century. If you’re lucky enough to own either a Porsche or a Jaguar, it can change the way people perceive you. You might even get treated differently when they see you behind the wheel of such a fine vehicle. And if you are driving a vehicle engineered to perfection for precision and luxury, how you feel when driving will be like a whole new world.

It Pays To Be Choosy About a Jaguar or Porsche Technician

Maintaining the luxuriousness of your Jaguar or Porsche isn’t always easy, however. You can’t just drive into any car mechanic in Cincinnati and ask for Jaguar repair or Porsche scheduled maintenance, and expect it to be performed well. If you go with just any old Cincinnati car mechanic, you could be putting your expensive vehicle at risk for problems that are more expensive than what your original repair bill would be at an auto repair shop that specializes in import car maintenance. The fact of the matter is that these vehicles require careful consideration from the eyes of a trained  professional Porsche technician or Jaguar mechanic who specializes in import car repair.

Whether you’re rolling down the road in a brand new Jaguar model that’s fresh off the lot, or you’re coddling a classic Porsche through her golden years, make sure they’re being serviced by professionals who thoroughly know how to handle them. At European Auto Specialists, we have a depth of familiarity with both Jaguar and Porsche vehicles from every decade. You won’t find another mechanic in Cincinnati who can keep your luxurious imported car humming so smoothly!

Using Your Eyes and Ears to Spot Problems in Your Jaguar Brakes

When it comes to the brakes on your Jaguar, there are generally two ways of telling if there is a problem: listening and seeing. You can make your first visual spot inspection yourself by removing the hubcap and looking at the spaces between the wheel and the brake. Ideally, the outside pad will be spaced against the motor rotor with at least a ¼ inch of pad. Anything less means you are due for a brake job. Likewise, if you hear a high pitched screeching sound, you better call a mechanic and schedule a brake inspection.