South of the Border: BMW to Open $1B Plan in Mexico

Posted 7/15/19

BMW is set to open a $1 billion plant in Mexico — the country’s first — despite the threat of potential tarifs from Trump. The new facility will be located in the central Mexican city of San Luis Potosi. The launch will employ 2,500 workers....

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Mercedes Ramps Up Battery Development with $24B Investment

Posted 7/15/19

This past Christmas, did you spend $23 billion on batteries? Mercedes did, or at least it plans to. The company announced last December it would spend $23 billion on battery cells, and invest another $1.1 billion in eight battery factories in Germany, China, Thailand and...

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BMW Commits Itself to 100% Global Renewable Energy by 2020

Posted 7/8/19

BMW has electrified its commitment to decarbonization with quite a spark. The company revealed it is already sourcing its electricity from 100% renewable sources in Europe, and plans to source from renewables worldwide by 2020. The company recently made the announcement on the occasion of...

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The New Porsche 911: the Evolution of the Electric Porsche

Posted 7/1/19

Porsche likes to think ahead. That’s something our Porsche technicians certainly have observed all these years repairing Porsches. And if you own a Porsche, it’s a quality you probably appreciate too. After all, it’s one of Porsche’s advantages that make it unlike any other car...

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Notice an EPC Light? Your VW Needs Repair

Posted 6/17/19

Unless you’ve experienced an EPC light yourself, you probably have no idea what it is. In a nutshell — it’s a sign your VW needs repair. The EPC light stands for Electronic Power Control. It’s a warning indicator that there’s a problem with the throttle...

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BMW’s i3 to Be All Electric with Plenty of Driving Range

Posted 6/10/19

Not that long ago, BMW offered its i3 Electric with a range extender option that extended its driving difference with a diesel engine backup. Thanks to battery improvements, that gas fueled extension is now a thing of the past. “BMW has dropped the range extender...

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How to Find a Trusted Car Mechanic in Cincinnati

How do you find a car mechanic you can trust in Cincinnati? One of the most valuable tools on hand is word of mouth. Talk to your friends, coworkers, family, and see who they trust. What have been their experiences, whether good or bad? Has a mechanic ever suggested a more economical approach, even if it means less money for them? That’s a sign they are more interested in repeat business rather than just this single repair. Next, check out their Better Business Bureau rating. Read online reviews. Make sure all their work is certified and guaranteed. And don’t forget to visit their shop. You can tell a lot about a business by how clean and organized its work stations and waiting rooms are.