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BMW Launches First Battery Plant in China

Posted 9/3/18

Our BMW mechanics love BMWs. They’re great European cars. BMW’s secret comes down to design and reliability, which are certainly European traditions, at least when it comes to an awesome automotive. Still, our mechanics have to admit they shed at least a tear or two...

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The Collaborative Friendly Approach of BMW’s Tech

Posted 8/13/18

At European Auto Specialists, we don’t just geek out over the engines of cars. We love the entire package, from what’s under the hood to the design, marketing, and technology of beautiful European cars. And yes, our BMW mechanics love it when their Pandora stations...

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Stream Amazon Music Right from Your Audi Console

Posted 7/23/18

If there’s anything our mechanics love more than sleek, European cars, it’s music. Nothing blasts roadtrip like the perfect playlist turned up to 11. And since we’re also tired of sacrificing our CDs, we prefer to rely on music streaming options. And that’s why we...

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The Investment Value of a BMW Scheduled Maintenance Plan

To get the most value out of your BMW, it’s best to look at it as an investment. That’s why it is so important to follow the scheduled maintenance plan for your BMW to the letter. It helps improve the reliability and performance of your BMW as well as the resale value. In many cases, failing to do so can even void your warranty. Scheduled maintenance can include anything from oil changes to maintenance of ignition and cooling systems to timing belt replacement to brake jobs and tire replacement. Many of these are already paid for under your plan. Talk to your Cincinnati mechanic and see what they recommend.