Specialized Porsche Service and Repair in Cincinnati

Posted 12/27/22

Be sure to see European Auto Specialists for your Porsche repairs and parts. Our Porsche technicians have decades of experience in Porsche scheduled maintenance and repair and know these cars from top to bottom. We also specialize in the vintage car repair and finding parts for older, classic Porsche models. A general auto repair facility won’t have the same expertise needed to track down the classic parts you need.


Are Your Porsche Brakes Noisy?

A Porsche has the engine of a race car, and with that kind of performance, your Porsche needs brakes that are 100 percent reliable. Brakes may not be the sexiest part of a car, but it will keep your car sexy. No car that ends up totaled in a junkyard looks its best. If your brakes tend to squeal whenever you press them, chances are you’ve hit the built in wear indicator, which means it’s time to get a brake job. Wear that pad down to far, and you’ll be eating the rotors, which means you now need an expensive brake job. Brakes are not something you want to procrastinate. Time is money when it comes to brake repair.