Audi Transmission Repair Tips

Posted 10/15/14

Own an Audi? When it comes to regular Audi repair, one of the easiest ways to prolong the longevity of your vehicle is to pay attention to your transmission. Most people don’t even think about changing their transmission fluid, for example, but the fact is...

Repairing and Maintaining Your Land Rover

Posted 8/24/14

Land Lovers can take a beating, but like anyone else, they need a little love too. You only get out of a Land Rover what you put in. Take care of your Land Rover with regular repairs, tune ups, oil and fluid changes, and the...

The 2 Inspection Levels for a BMW

Posted 8/10/14

Own a BMW? When’s the last time you had it inspected? If you can’t remember, you’re long overdue. Read this article, and then call your BMW mechanic for a routine maintenance inspection. A regular tune up can do wonders to the performance of your vehicle,...

Vintage Car Restoration is a Labor of Love, not a Financial Windfall

As anyone who has paid to have it done will tell you, restoring a vintage car simply doesn’t make financial sense. It is far less expensive to pay for an already restored vintage car. We’re not saying it shouldn’t be done. Some of the most beautiful, rewarding things in the world don’t make much sense in the pocketbook. But realize that vintage car repair is a labor of love that’s an art. Like many labor of loves, it only makes sense to do it when you don’t place financial value on your labor. You do it because you love old cars; you love polishing off an old junker to become the piece of art it was in its prime. And best of all, when someone compliments you on the restoration, you have the pride of knowing you did it yourself.