Jaguar Technicians Take Holiday Leave in Wake of Brexit

Posted 6/3/19

Some Jaguar technicians are getting an early Christmas break this year, though that’s not necessarily good news for the company or Jaguar employees in general. They’ve been put on a three-day work week to deal with production stalls expected as a result of Brexit. Fortunately, they will receive full pay. However, some Jaguar technicians will be laid off and the future is looking less brighter for the car company as it deals with potential fallout from the Britain First movement.

The move to 3 days will affect 2,000 workers, who will remain at full pay. Jack Dromey, the Labour MP for Erdington, blamed the move on a combination of Brexit and push back against diesel vehicles in the wake of environmental initiatives.

Brexit to Blame

Jack Dromey, the Labour MP for Erdington, blamed “Brexit chaos and the mishandling by ministers of the transition from diesel” for the three-day week. He told the BBC the government had sent “the message that somehow if you buy a diesel car, they’ll be worthless, in circumstances where actually the new generation diesels are ultra low emission produced by the company. So there’s been a real problem there.”

Assistant general secretary of the Unite union, Tony Burke pointed towards Brexit for the recent chaos in the car industry affecting Jaguar and other European vehicles.

“This is the continuing effect of the chaotic mismanagement of the Brexit negotiations by the government, which has created uncertainty across the UK’s automotive industry and the manufacturing sector generally,” he said.

So as US automakers struggle with the recent tariffs and trade wars imposed by the government, those in Europe must manage the wake from Brexit. Both are political decisions that seem to be having negative repercussions on industry and the work force.

Happy to Repair European Cars

We’re just happy to repair cars at our automotive garage in Cincinnati. Cars will always need repairs, no matter what happens in politics or the economy. But if you plan on buying a Jaguar, better buy one soon. The slowdown in production may affect your ability to get one. Perhaps you should just stick with the one you already have and follow up on that regularly scheduled maintenance you’ve been putting off.

A Proactive Approach to Cincinnati BMW Scheduled Maintenance

What’s on the docket for the scheduled maintenance plan for your BMW? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. And we don’t mean just looking it up on the Internet. That’s a fine place to start, but you need a less generic approach. If you want to get physically fit, you wouldn’t stop with Men’s Health articles. You’d team up with a trainer, go to a gym, and follow through on your plan. The preventative care for your BMW works the same way. Take it into your trusted mechanic. Have them do an inspection. Let them know how much you drive it. If you keep track of car diagnostics with an app, share data with them. They can map out an entire repair plan and even set reminders to call you at agreed intervals. Make it easy on yourself and plan ahead.