VW Brake Repair

Posted 12/25/14

Brake jobs are on the list of car repair jobs you should leave to your car mechanic. It is critical that the rotors be bedded very carefully. Improperly installed brakes can lead to a serious accident. Squealing Brakes Following a Brake Job If you notice...

Your Once a Year Checkup List for Your Jaguar

Posted 12/18/14

Regular, annual tune ups can do wonders for the performance of your Jaguar and reduce the amount you spend on car repair every year. Tune ups should be done by a maintenance garage like European Auto Specialists that specifically specialize in Jaguars. Change Spark Plugs...

What to Look for When Buying a Used Mercedes

Posted 12/11/14

Looking to buy a luxury car but want to avoid the hefty sticker price? Why not buy used? If you buy a used Mercedes in good condition, you can still have a quality, luxury car without an obnoxious car payment. The trick, however, is not...

Car Repair Advice from a Cincinnati BMW Mechanic

Posted 12/4/14

BMW’s are great cars, but you need to take care of them or you’ll be paying a visit to a BMW mechanic in Cinci sooner than you’d like. Caring for your car is a daily endeavor, not a to do list item you put off...

The Craft of Restoring Classic Cars

Posted 11/29/14

Restoring classic cars is an art that can withstand the sands of time if done well. Like any art, there are good ways to practice the craft, and sloppy mistakes that result in mediocrity. Here are a few vintage car repair tips from the experts...

Transmission Checklist for Your Cincinnati Audi Repair

Replacing your transmission tops the list when it comes to Audi repair in Cincinnati. The average price for a new transmission can range in the thousands of dollars. Taking care of your transmission will help reduce your car care expenses and extend the life of your vehicle. Have it checked regularly by a mechanic who specializes in Audis, and change the transmission fluid at regular intervals. This helps your transmission get the proper lubrication, which reduces wear and tear on the gears. Check the gears thoroughly. You may also consider using a larger transmission pan, which will allow more oil to access the gears.