A Sneak Peek at the Next Porsche 911: More Power Under the Hood

Posted 4/22/19

When our mechanics aren’t fixing cars at our Cincinnati auto garage, they are busy geeking out on them. And we couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming version of the Porsche 911 — the 992. It’s reported to be a handsome looking devil with a strong resemblance to the 993. Looks like slick is hip this year. Awesome.

Car Magazine managed to sneak some spy pictures of the new beast on the track at the Nurburgring.

Upcoming Changes

The style is similar to previous years, but there have been some tweaks to the exhaust and new tech features.

Car Magazine reports:

“Incidentally, these shots suggest a different exhaust system from earlier mules; whereas the original car spotted is thought to be a standard S model, this latest car may be working on a development of the optional sports exhaust system. We’re also expecting to see tech from Audi carried over, so skinny OLED indicators and matrix LED headlights could become standard fare.”

Expect a little more power under the hood.

“There is a lot in store for the new 911: punchier engines are due in the 992-era cars, as well as full digital instruments and the latest 48-volt electrics, to curb CO2 and fuel consumption, and offer more trickery besides. The entry-level cars are due to get around 30bhp more from their EA9A2 family of flat-six boxer engines.”

That’s what we like to hear. We love repairing Porsches. They are known for their engines, but who couldn’t use a little more?

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