Car Repair Advice from a Cincinnati BMW Mechanic

Posted 12/4/14

BMW’s are great cars, but you need to take care of them or you’ll be paying a visit to a BMW mechanic in Cinci sooner than you’d like. Caring for your car is a daily endeavor, not a to do list item you put off...

The Craft of Restoring Classic Cars

Posted 11/29/14

Restoring classic cars is an art that can withstand the sands of time if done well. Like any art, there are good ways to practice the craft, and sloppy mistakes that result in mediocrity. Here are a few vintage car repair tips from the experts...

Audi Transmission Repair Tips

Posted 10/15/14

Own an Audi? When it comes to regular Audi repair, one of the easiest ways to prolong the longevity of your vehicle is to pay attention to your transmission. Most people don’t even think about changing their transmission fluid, for example, but the fact is...

Repairing and Maintaining Your Land Rover

Posted 8/24/14

Land Lovers can take a beating, but like anyone else, they need a little love too. You only get out of a Land Rover what you put in. Take care of your Land Rover with regular repairs, tune ups, oil and fluid changes, and the...

The 2 Inspection Levels for a BMW

Posted 8/10/14

Own a BMW? When’s the last time you had it inspected? If you can’t remember, you’re long overdue. Read this article, and then call your BMW mechanic for a routine maintenance inspection. A regular tune up can do wonders to the performance of your vehicle,...

Even Used, Mercedes Benz are Quality Cars

Since 1926, Mercedes has thrived at making fine automobiles. The Mercedes name has long been synonymous with excellence. The Germans know how to make a great car. Mercedes is one car you can always feel great about buying used. Mercedes are built to last. Whether you buy a new one or old one, you can trust you are buying a quality car, most of the time. Of course, there are always a few bad apples- cars that hardly had their oil changed over their lifetimes or didn’t get the proper tune ups or were just ridden into the ground. Feel free to have our Mercedes Benz mechanics in Cincinnati inspect your used Mercedes before you buy. Mercedes is a quality car, even used. Let’s make sure you get a good one.