It’s all about regular maintenance

Posted 4/29/15

The Kelly Blue Book was first published in 1926 and has since become the standard in determining the value of a vehicle. These folks not only know cars, but also how to get the greatest value and mileage for the buck out of your vehicle....

Ten Reasons to Love Volvos

Posted 4/22/15

Love your Volvo even more than your Cincinnati Volvo mechanic? Let’s count the ways. The folks at Top Gear listed the top 10 reasons for loving your Volvo. Let’s break a few down. If you own a Volvo, you may have your own reasons to...

Replace Jaguar’s Brakes

Posted 4/15/15

Are the brakes in your Jaguar starting to sound like Megadeth? Fear not and rock on. The folks at Jaghelp have an excellent how-to when it comes to fixing Jaguar brakes. Let’s walk through the process. First, remove as much brake fluid as you can...

Guide: Replace that Saab Engine Mount!

Posted 4/8/15

Looking to replace an engine mount on your 9-5? If you’re not a professional Saab mechanic in Cincinnati that already knows the engine like the back of your hand, there are few resources on the web that will walk you through it. Luckily, the folks...

Ten Most Reliable Used European Cars

Posted 4/1/15

No matter how much you love your auto repair shop, having to get your car fixed is never fun. It’s at best an inconvenient expense and at worst a dark and foreboding sinkhole that appears out of nowhere in your household budget. Minimize your trips...

Cincinnati Volvo Mechanic Repair Tips

Posted 1/17/15

Take care of your Volvo, and you can easily push it past the 250,000 mile mark. Volvos are special cars, and they need special love. Let’s look at these repair techniques suggested by our Volvo mechanic in Cincinnati. Use the Right Torque When Changing Spark Plugs...

Get Your Land Rover Ready for Winter

Posted 1/7/15

Preparing your Land Rover for winter? It’s a good idea before the snow starts flying to take your vehicle into European Auto Specialists in Cincinnati for your annual Land Rover repair. You’ll want to make sure your vehicle is completely up to speed with winter...

Getting the Most Value from Your Auto Repair Shop

When working with any auto mechanic, always request a written estimate. Now granted, an estimate is just that, an “educated guess,” but in most states, the shop is required to contact you for approval if the estimate rises more than 10 percent. You should also check the shop’s hourly labor rates, which can vary widely and will largely determine how expensive the work will be. Of course, in a competitive market, higher labor may mean more quality work. On the other hand, if you shop around and get second opinions from other car owners, you should be able to find good work at a great price. Any quality mechanic will realize there is more money to be made in well satisfied, returning customers than overcharging them for the work.