Taking Your Busted Timing Belt to an Auto Shop

Posted 6/1/14

Timing belts are all about timing. Get them replaced on time, or risk losing an engine. Like death and taxes, fixing them are inevitable repairs that will require a professional foreign car repair shop to do the job. Timing belts connect the camshaft to the...

Reliable Vehicles Require Fewer Emergency Trips to Your Cincinnati Auto Repair Shop

Want to make fewer trips to your Cincinnati mechanic? Drive a European vehicle that has been highly rated for its reliability. The Telegraph recently rated Europe’s top 10 most reliable cars. They range from the Seat Ibiza to the Smart ForTwo to the Mercedes Benz E-Class. These cars were chosen for their reliability and low maintenance costs, based on a study by Warranty Direct. Save yourself trips to the mechanic by choosing a smarter European vehicle that’s hassle free. You can buy for speed, looks, or glamour, but ultimately, it’s the reliability of the vehicle that will determine how often you’re stranded on the roadside waiting for a tow truck.