VW & Ford to Leverage Tech w/ New Global Partnership

Posted 7/22/19

We love repairing European cars. But it’s a global world. The transformations automotive makers will need to make in order to remain competitive require out of the box thinking. That’s why we’re optimistic to hear about VW’s plans to partner with Ford to meet the challenges of an electric powered future. We’ll still repair VWs, and since we also work on domestic, maybe will one day repair a Ford version of VW’s design.

The automakers announced their partnership last January. In a agreement of joint cooperation, neither company will take ownership stake in the other. Instead, the partnership will be overseen by a joint committee with an equal number of people representing each automaker.

The companies have plans to launch a medium-sized pickup truck by 2022.

A Pooling of Tech Resources

The companies are both pooling resources to adapt to more demands of electrical vehicles, as well as automated driving technology.

”It’s my opinion that you can’t do this alone,” Ford CEO Jim Hackett said during a press call about the news. “We believe the fundamental shift is healthy, as it allows automakers to focus on their respective strengths and participate in developing these new mobility solutions, yet at the same time for our customers, offer many competitive options that they didn’t think they might get from automotive companies.”

It will also help both companies navigate self driving car regulations on both sides of the pond.

“From Volkswagen’s perspective, it would make a lot of sense to cooperate with an American player given that the regulatory conditions for preparing the breakthrough of autonomous driving are more advanced in the US than they are in Europe,” Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said on the call.

An Extension of Efforts

Neither company is new to electric vehicles.

Ford has long announced plans to launch its first serious EV, expected to hit the road in 2020. The American car company invested $1 billion in Argo, an artificial intelligence startup that was developing its own software stack for self-driving cars.

Volkswagen too has made its own partnerships with self driving technology companies.

The partnership will allow the companies to pool their resources to better leverage market changes.

Cars are changing, but they’ll always need fixing. And that’s good news for our auto repair shop in Cincinnati.

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