VW Becomes #1 Electric Car in Norway — Outselling Tesla

Posted 11/11/19

Any VW mechanic worth their salt wouldn’t be surprised — Volkswagen is giving electric car king Tesla a run for its money in the electric car market.

The Volkswagen e-Golf outsold the Tesla Model 3 in April sales in Norway, following an 86% sales decline in the Tesla car.

But wait, you ask: It’s Norway. Unless you’re a Viking — who cares?

Well Norway just happens to be the world’s most prominent electric car market, with 58% of all cars sold being pure electric ones, not even including plug-in hybrids. It is known in the electric car world as the “Canary in the Coal Mine.”

So the fact that the VW e-Golf took the number 1 sales position in Norway is highly significant. Our electrical specialists, especially those that service VWs, definitely took notice.

Why VW’s E-Golf is So Popular

Seeking Alpha reports on some of the reasons for this popularity surge:

“The VW e-Golf has been a European favorite for decades. It’s short but fits five tall adults and a respectable amount of luggage. The rear seats fold easily, and the rear hatchback is large. Europeans also love the e-Golf’s quality and that the interior is very sturdy, with everything just working reliably all the time. In terms of cabin technology, the Golf just like all Volkswagens come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard, things that are unavailable on the Tesla Model 3.”

The Huge Potential of Electric Vehicles

But it is worth remembering that it was Tesla’s popularity that shows the electric model for car companies can have success. Despite the fact that electric sales remain sluggish in the US, the market’s potential is huge. As Bloomberg reports:

“‘Even if it’s 10 percent of the market, we want to pursue it,’ Keogh said after his presentation. Speaking of Tesla’s success and its Model 3 sedan, he said: “We have not seen in the history of the auto business, a company going from zero to fourth place in luxury in a matter of a few years.’”

Our car mechanics are big fans of VWs and huge fans of electric vehicles in general. We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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