VW Pulls Plug on Plans for 10-Speed Transmission

Posted 8/28/17

Ding dong. VW’s 10-Speed automatic gearbox is dead. Our Volkswagen mechanics understand why. The car company is trying to step back from its “bigger is better” approach that led to its emissions scandal.

The car company pulled the switch on its much discussed 10-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

“Two months ago, I had the prototype crushed,” VW powertrain chief Friedrich Eichler said on the sidelines of the International Vienna Motor Symposium, Automotive News Europe reported.

Why VW’s Plans Changed

VW had announced plans to develop the 10 speed transmission in 2013 to contend against GM’s and Ford’s plans to team up on 9- and 10-speed gearboxes.

Then-VW CEO Martin Winterkorn had praised “the extremely wide gear-ratio spread, the reduced rpm range and other improvements with regards to the gear-tooth system and friction.”

The design would have been used in high torque engines.

Eichler said the transmission reflected the “bigger is better” approach of the company’s past, the very one that led to Dieselgate where it was found to have fraudulent software in millions of its cars.

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