Not Into SUVs? How About Off-Roading in a Huracán Instead?

Posted 1/23/23

Good news to those who are fans of both supercars and off-roading; Lamborghini is (probably) about to make your all-in-one dreams come true. Back in 2019 Lambo released a concept car that answered the important question that has been asked by anyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of a supercar: “What if I could go off-roading in this?” They answered this question with the Huracán Sterrato. This bright orange concept car was a thing of beauty, with all the speed, power, and good looks of a Huracán with an off-roading inspired twist that includes a raised suspension, beefy tires, a recalibrated drive system and some reinforcements on the underbody among other things. 

As we all know, many concept cars are just that: a concept that never makes it into production. But it seems the Sterrato is going to be one of the exceptions that makes into production. Lamborghini released a video at the end of July that features what appears to be a camouflage wrapped version of something resembling that 2019 concept car tearing around some dirt roads in Tuscany with wild abandon—while racing a bicycle for some reason. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, the speculation is that the Sterrato will have the same 621 hp V10 engine as the Huracán Evo, which has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph.

The Sterrato: A Supercar Ready for Potholes and Rallying

Though the dirt-plumed promo pics released in 2019 and the Tuscan rally racing video released in 2022 clearly say that the purpose of the Sterrato is for going off-roading in something with the speed and style of a Huracán but slightly more ground clearance, these changes mean this Lambo will be able do other things better as well. A supercar that is designed to go over the humps and bumps of an off-road rally course will also be able to handle an assault from the most unavoidable of potholes. Sure the Sterrato will be great as a rally car, but it would also be fantastic on your average road that doesn’t have the perpetual manicured smoothness of the Nürburgring.

An Exciting New Niche in the Supercar Ecosystem is Born

Lamborghini has been offering its off-road friendly Urus “Super Sport Utility Vehicle” since 2018, and the Huracán has been available with AWD since the car’s first production year in 2014, but neither of them have what the Sterrato does. There’s a pretty big difference between a heavy V8 SUV and a lithe Huracán V10 when you get behind the wheel. And a supercar that you are afraid of bottoming out on back roads that also makes your back hurt on said back roads absolutely won’t feel at home on the dirt. 

The Sterrato seems like it will be the best of both worlds: lively, fun, and speedy with a ride that is designed to handle more of whatever is thrown at it, whether it be a dirt-paved track day or Cincinnati’s finest potholes. 

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