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Seinfeld Auctions Off Fake “Fugazi” Porsche

Posted 8/5/19

“Top of the muffin to ya!” A Brazilian company may be wondering what happened to the top of their muffin when they bought 1958 Porsche 356 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster after experts are doubting its authenticity. Fica Frio Limited, a company with reported Brazilian ties,...

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The BMW 3-Series: Serious Tech for a New Age

Posted 7/29/19

At our Cincinnati auto shop, our technicians have a little rivalry going. The guys who fix BMWs and the ones who like Mercedes are always arguing why their favorite car is the best. It’s a lot like the Ford/Chevy rivalry of the ‘80s. We like...

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VW & Ford to Leverage Tech w/ New Global Partnership

Posted 7/22/19

We love repairing European cars. But it’s a global world. The transformations automotive makers will need to make in order to remain competitive require out of the box thinking. That’s why we’re optimistic to hear about VW’s plans to partner with Ford to meet the...

BMW & Jaguar Land Rover Pool Resources to Develop Electric Tech

Posted 7/22/19

There’s been a trend lately of automotive powerhouses teaming forces to leverage the electric car market. Add BMW and Jaguar Land Rover to the mix. The 2 European car companies have decided to partner in development of electric motors, transmissions and power electronics. “Together, we...

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Why You Might Need a Cincinnati Brake Flush Service

Like everything else on your car, your brake system will wear out overtime. This includes more than just the pads and rotors. The rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders can deteriorate. This can let moisture and debris leak into the system, which will contaminate the brake fluid. The moisture can also cause the parts to rust, which can further gunk up the brake fluid. That’s why we sometimes recommend a brake flush service to our Cincinnati customers. Though some will recommend one every 30,000 miles, it really depends on how contaminated the brake fluid is. We prefer to inspect the brake fluid. If the fluid is light brown and fairly clear, you should be okay. If it’s dark brown, your brake fluid should be changed and the system flushed.