Own an Electrical BMW? A Recall Has Been Announced

Posted 2/17/20

Own a 2019 BMW i3 or i8 electrical car? You’re owed a refund. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced a recall on 2019 BMW i3, i3 with range extender and i8 models due to concerns that a faulty high-voltage control module could...

5 Reasons Why You Should Flush Your Radiator

Posted 2/3/20

Most people neglect their radiators. That’s pretty obvious when the first winter snow storm hits Cincinnati every year. You’d be surprised how many blown radiators come in. But the performance benefits of radiator flushes are clear and obvious. Your radiator will work better and last...

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Cincinnati VW Repair: 2 Common Issues with Older Jettas

What’s by far the most common VW Jetta repair issue we get in our Cincinnati auto shop? Simple. Automatic transmission shifting issues. The good news it's almost always older Jettas with high miles — most before 2013 with over 125,000 miles. Unfortunately, this problem can be expensive to fix. We’ve seen many customers total their cars over this one, mainly because the Jetta already has such high mileage anyway. A less expensive problem we see is engine misfire. Again, this problem usually occurs on an older Jetta with high miles. Typically, it’s a failed ignition coil or spark plug that’s to blame. These are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace. Call our Cincinnati auto shop if you are experiencing any problems.