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CarAdvice Reviews the 2017 Volvo XC60 for Performance and Repair

Posted 10/23/17

Volvo is completely revamping the 2018 Volvo XC60, which will be released later this year. And that means you can get a great deal on last year’s 2017 model, which, the Australian car lover’s site, describes as “a solid, family-friendly SUV with plenty of...

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BMW 7-Series Recalled Due to Insecure Doors

Posted 10/16/17

The next time you call up European Auto Specialists and say, “Hey, fix my BMW,” you might want to ask about the latest BMW recall. It affects 45,000 older 7-Series cars in the U.S. Could your BMW be one that needs the repair? Covering certain...

Supply Problem Drags BMW Production to a Halt

Posted 10/9/17

In the market for a BMW? Patience, Grasshopper. Citing Focus, the German magazine, Reuters is reporting that BMW has halted production in Leipzig, which could affect output at plants in China and South Africa. The magazine said problems at one of BMW’s Italian suppliers of...

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Land Rover Double Downs on Diesel with New Rollout

Posted 9/25/17

Love diesel? Love Land Rover? Then you’re in luck. In a marked change for the industry, Land Rover is doubling down on diesel. The company recently rolled out several new diesel models in a move to promote diesel technology, a conscious effort it plans to...

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1 Million Mercedes Recalled Due to Fire Risk

Posted 9/18/17

Own a Mercedes? Well, the next time you take your Mercedes into the mechanic for a repair, you might want to ask about this latest recall. Our electrical specialists at our shop in Cincinnati would be happy to help. After reports of fires, Mercedes has...

Fit for Royalty? Queen Drives Jaguar Home from Church

Posted 9/11/17

Need undeniable proof that a Jaguar is a luxury car fit for a queen? Look no further. The Queen herself was just spotted driving her Jaguar home from church. The 91-year old Royal was seen driving her Jaguar back to the Royal Palace following a...

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Why Mileage has Nothing to do with Flushing Your Brakes

How often should you flush your brakes? That depends. Every car manufacturer has its own recommendation, and even that is an educated guess at best. Chevy says every 45,000 miles. Honda says 3 years, regardless of mileage. Mercedes? Every two years or 20,000 miles. Some people will even tell you never. Since brake fluid lives in an enclosed system, it can last for years. Problems result, however, when that system isn’t as enclosed as you think. Hoses and attachments wear down over time, which can cause water and other contaminants to leak into the system. What you really need to do is have your brake fluid inspected from time to time. That’s the best way to see if you need a flush service. Mileage might as well be irrelevant.