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The VW Electric Dune Buggy — Beach Bums, Take Notice!

Posted 10/7/19

Back to the future: that’s how our VW mechanics described Volkswagen’s new electric dune buggy during some shop talk at our Cincinnati auto shop this week. Volkswagen’s new all electric dune buggy combined the perfect amount of future and retro in one tantalizing combination. It’s...


Why You Should Worry if Your Auto Repair Garage is Fined by OSHA

Posted 9/9/19

Walk into any automobile repair shop in Cincinnati — you can practically smell the danger. Chemicals, heavy equipment, electric tools all have their inherent hazards. How are auto garages regulated? What about these regulations makes them safe? And how can you tell walking into a...

Cincinnati Saab Repair for the Automobile of Kings

How to Become an Auto Repair Mechanic

Posted 9/2/19

What’s it take to be a mechanic? We get asked that a lot at our Cincinnati auto repair garage — sometimes by high school or technical students learning about careers, sometimes by customers who are just curious. Essentially, becoming a mechanic requires completing a training...

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The Torque Pro — Our Favorite Car Troubleshooting App

Need to troubleshoot your car problem to see if you need to bring it in to our Cincinnati shop for that check engine light? There’s an app for that — or more accurately several. Our favorite is the Torque Pro. You can see your car’s activity in real time, but you also OBD code defaults, which you can use to determine what kind of problem your car is having. You also get great info on gas mileage, driving habits, etc. The app does eat up a decent amount of your phone battery, so you might not want to leave it on all the time.