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How Does the Mercedes’ EQS Stack Up Against the Tesla S?

Posted 5/1/23

Though Tesla has cornered the market for electric vehicles for years, more carmakers are offering better and more diverse options these days that have been giving Tesla a run for their money. Enter the Mercedes EQS in 2022. As another full-size fully-electric sedan it was...

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A Bigger, Better 2023 Range Rover: 3 Rows and EV Options

Posted 3/20/23

When it comes to Land Rover and their infamous Range Rover line, there are a couple of things that you can definitely expect, no matter which version. You will get a vehicle that’s luxurious, with powerful and comfortable (on and) off-roading abilities and classic styling....

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The EV Feature of the Future: Bidirectional Charging

Posted 3/6/23

We love Volvo for their innovation. They were the first to use 3-point safety belts, and the quality and reliability of their cars can’t be denied. And when they start talking about having bidirectional charging capability available as standard on their forthcoming 2024 EX90, we...

1000 HP and Counting: The Aston Martin Valhalla is Coming

Posted 2/20/23

The great thing about concept cars is that it gives carmakers the opportunity to take risks. In today’s car world of nearly identical midsize crossovers that keep selling, it can be hard to pitch something new and exciting. The concept car allows the innovators to...

When You Need a Dedicated Cincinnati Alfa Romeo Mechanic

Beyond the looks, the styling, and the luxury, one of the extra special things about Alfa Romeos is that you don’t see them around town every day—especially in Cincinnati. So if you need someone to repair your Alfa Romeo in Cincinnati, you shouldn’t expect that just any mechanic will be able to do it well. Alfas are incredible and exclusive vehicles, and you should ensure that the garage that you choose for Alfa Romeo repair is up to your car’s high standards. Start by looking for auto repair shops with ASE certification that specialize in import auto repair.