Porsche Plans to Improve on 911 RSR’s Success

Posted 12/23/19

When you’ve got an award winning Porsche, you don’t start over — you improve upon what’s already there. Porsche renewed its faith in the classic Porsche 911 RSR with a redesign it hopes will defend the World Championship. As Porsche mechanics and enthusiasts, we couldn’t...

Audi’s New Ad Campaign: Electric’s not for You? Yeah Right!

Posted 12/9/19

It’s 2019 — and our mechanics are always surprised by how few electrical vehicles are serviced in our Cincinnati automobile repair shop. But let’s be honest — car manufacturers, even BMW and Volvos that have staked their entire future on electric cars, are pretty terrible...

Mercedes to Release Heated Seatbelts? Maybe….

Posted 12/2/19

It’s summertime — and so easy to forget how cold winter can get in Cincinnati. But our car mechanics are always thinking ahead. So when they read the news that Mercedes Benz was developing heated seatbelts, they got pretty excited. Mercedes has long been a...

BMW’s Success in 2019 Continues to Climb

Posted 11/18/19

April wasn’t a bad month for BMW. Sales continue increase, growing another 1.4% for a total of 23,816 over the 23,482 vehicles sold in April 2018. That and the slight growth BMW also managed for January put it ahead of Mercedes, selling 3,584 more luxury...

european auto specialists VW logo

VW Becomes #1 Electric Car in Norway — Outselling Tesla

Posted 11/11/19

Any VW mechanic worth their salt wouldn’t be surprised — Volkswagen is giving electric car king Tesla a run for its money in the electric car market. The Volkswagen e-Golf outsold the Tesla Model 3 in April sales in Norway, following an 86% sales decline...

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2 Common Repairs Seen by Our Cincinnati Car Electrical Specialists

Today’s cars are computers on wheels. Electrical problems can come in all shapes and sizes and they can cause a range of issues in your car. Here are some of the most common problems our electrical specialists repair on a daily basis at our Cincinnati repair shop. Bad spark plugs and wires top the list. Spark plugs provide a small electrical charge to make the pistons go up and down. If the plugs erode or fail to connect, you can lose power in your car. This $20 repair could have a sluggish engine running like new. Blown fuses are also common — usually show up in lost power to one system, like your brake lights, dash lights, or power windows. Check the fuse box and see if the connecting material has a break. The fuses can easily be replaced.