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Mercedes Tests Their Drive Pilot System in CA and NV

Posted 4/8/24

There are few things that are quite as boring as having a Mercedes in the stop-and-go traffic in your average traffic jam. Mercedes are designed for the speed of the Autobahn, not creeping behind a minivan in rush hour. And though things like lane centering...

BMW Electrical Problems? We Might Have Your Answer

Posted 3/25/24

It is a truth universally acknowledged that modern BMWs have electrical systems controlling more processes in them than ever before. These systems keep us safer, like lane assist and automatic braking, make our drives more enjoyable, like heated seats and climate control, and allow you...

Where’s the Clutch? The Rise of Semi-Automatic Shifting

Posted 3/4/24

It’s well known in the gearhead community that fewer and fewer people are learning how to drive a standard transmission. According to a 2016 report, only 18% of Americans know how to drive a manual transmission. In addition, the number of cars that have a...

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Mercedes-AMG Provides the New GT63 and It’s Everything

Posted 2/19/24

Mercedes-Benz is world-renowned for the style, luxury and quality of their finely crafted German automobiles. The Mercedes AMG division takes that well known excellence and turns it up to 11. Mercedes-AMG (which stands for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach, of course) is the subsidiary of Mercedes...

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The End of Internal Combustion At Jaguar With an F-Type

Posted 2/5/24

As crazy as it sounded even just a decade ago, more and more car companies with an eye to the future are increasing their hybrid and all-electric options. And some, like Jaguar, have decided that now is the time to begin the transition to a...

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Tech We Love to See: Audi Makes Getting Greens a Breeze

Posted 1/22/24

Cars these days are full of more technology than ever. From lane assist to traction control to back up cameras and automatic braking, it seems like you car is constantly babysitting your every move to keep you, your passengers, and the other people on the...

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Time To Crash More Audis To Keep Their Drivers Safer

Posted 1/8/24

No driver wants to get into a car accident, but for the crash test dummies at the all-new Vehicle Safety Center in Ingolstadt, Germany, car crashes will be a way of life. Audi recently opened up a brand new state of the art crash test...

When Do You Really Need a Porsche Cayenne Brake Job?

We all know that good brakes are essential for keeping you safe on the road, but how do you know when you need new brakes on your Porsche Cayenne? If your Cayenne’s brakes are making a squealing or scraping noise, you need to take it to have its Porsche brakes checked ASAP. If your car vibrates when you hit the brakes, you may need a Porsche rotor replacement. If the wheel vibrates as well, it is your front rotors. When your rotors are changed, so are the pads for a full brake job on your Porsche Cayenne.