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A Volkswagen Scout Is Coming to A Road Near You in 2026

Posted 7/24/23

One of the most iconic German companies is set to begin production on a revamped all-electric version of the iconic American Scout. Originally produced by International Harvester out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Scout (and all of its variants) was one of the first SUVs...

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2023 Urus Performante: An Upgrade or Just More Expensive?

Posted 7/10/23

Lamborghini is a car company that is known for high performing cars that are both gorgeous and fun to drive. So when they decided to take their already pretty fantastic Urus “Super Sport Utility Vehicle” and make a performance version (you’ll never guess what “performante”...

GT History: Grand Tourers Paired Racing and Comfort

Posted 6/26/23

When it’s time to buy a new car it can be easy to get bogged down in all of the options available. It can be difficult to figure out what the letters at the end of the car’s name can even mean—especially in imported and...

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BMW i Vision DEE: Augmented Reality, Innovation and Color

Posted 6/12/23

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always brings a batch of new and concept cars that push the envelope of what a new car can and should be. Though few of these concept cars are released exactly as-is to the consumer market, they allow...

When You Have A Problem With Your BMW Electrical System

Cars these days have more technology in them than your grandfather would have ever dreamed possible. Driving is easier, safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable, but it also makes fixing a problem with your BMW electrical system a task you don’t want to tackle at home. If your screen has shorted out, your blind spot indicators aren’t indicating or you need some general troubleshooting on your BMW’s electrical system, always choose an expert in BMW technological repair. An ASE certified technician will have the knowledge of BMW electrical repair that you need to get back on the road fast.