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BMW’s Success in 2019 Continues to Climb

Posted 11/18/19

April wasn’t a bad month for BMW. Sales continue increase, growing another 1.4% for a total of 23,816 over the 23,482 vehicles sold in April 2018. That and the slight growth BMW also managed for January put it ahead of Mercedes, selling 3,584 more luxury...

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VW Becomes #1 Electric Car in Norway — Outselling Tesla

Posted 11/11/19

Any VW mechanic worth their salt wouldn’t be surprised — Volkswagen is giving electric car king Tesla a run for its money in the electric car market. The Volkswagen e-Golf outsold the Tesla Model 3 in April sales in Norway, following an 86% sales decline...

BMW repair

BMW Struggles with Electric Car Sales in US

Posted 10/28/19

BMW is having a tough time getting US car lovers to plug in. BMW recently reported a whopping 52.3% drop in sales — posting an electric car sales number so small it was barely a blip on sales reports. As InsideEv’s reports, “Assuming 1,973 sales...

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Advice from a Cincinnati VW Mechanic

As VW mechanics, we’ve seen every kind of car malfunction that can happen in Cincinnati. Trust us — 95% of it can be avoided with preventable maintenance. Granted, wear and tear on a car is natural, even with a fine European automotive like a Volkswagen. But most problems can be spotted and deal with a head of time — no need for an emergency tow. Bring your car in for a checkup. We’ll look it over top to bottom and come up with a performance maintenance schedule to keep it running in prime shape. We’ll check the brakes to make sure you’ve got plenty of pad before they eat into the rotors. Let’s get that timing belt changed before it ruins the engine. Regular oil changes should be done on the dot.