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Specialized Porsche Service and Repair in Cincinnati

Posted 12/27/22

Be sure to see European Auto Specialists for your Porsche repairs and parts. Our Porsche technicians have decades of experience in Porsche scheduled maintenance and repair and know these cars from top to bottom. We also specialize in the vintage car repair and finding parts...

Simple Advice for Diagnosing An Overheating Problem

Posted 12/26/22

Is the temperature gauge in your car getting a little too close to that red line for your liking? Do you need to troubleshoot your car for overheating? The folks at  have some great tips which range from the simple to the complex to...

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M4 Competition xDrive: Supercar Acceleration on a Budget

Posted 12/19/22

There’s something to be said about a BMW. They are German engineered to perfection, sleek and speedy and absolutely gorgeous. And when BMW releases something new and a little bit different, its a good idea to sit up and pay attention. BMW’s new 2022 M4...

German Engineering Requires Specialized Car Repairs

Posted 12/13/22

Some of the world’s top vehicle brands are German, and for good reason; Germany has long been known for pushing the boundaries of vehicle engineering to produce automobile innovations that set the international standard for luxury and efficiency. If you’re driving around in a BMW,...

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Mercedes Have Lower Rates of Repair and Look Good Too

Posted 12/12/22

Love your Mercedes? Let us count the ways. The folks at Mercedes Benz of Westminster did just that, with their blog that highlights 10 compelling reasons to buy a Mercedes Benz. These reasons include low rates of repair, advanced life saving technology, and some old-fashioned...

How Often Do You Need a Radiator Flush?

A radiator is the water tank your car’s engine depends on to cool itself off, as well as keep it from freezing up in the winter. And considering how dirty engines can get, occasionally the water will need changed and cleaned. There is no hard and fast rule to how often you should flush your radiator. It depends on mileage, the quality of antifreeze you use, your driving habits and the climate you drive in. Most manufacturers, including the auto mechanics at European Auto Repair, recommend changing your antifreeze every 40,000 to 60,000 miles, or annually. Regular flushing will help your radiator run better and last longer, so it’s definitely a spring cleaning job worth scheduling.