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Robot Cockroach Mechanics, Coming to a Reality This Future

Posted 3/18/19

Are robots the car mechanics of the future? Bot scientists from Harvard University and the University of Nottingham seem to think so. They’ve teamed up with Rolls Royce to develop snake-like and cockroach-like robots to crawl into your engine and troubleshoot your car. The idea...

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The Best Car Diagnostic Apps of 2018 for iOS & Android

Posted 2/18/19

Yeah, our mechanics love working on engines, flushing radiators, getting downright filthy. There’s grease under our fingernails from 1982, swear on our mother’s BMW scheduled maintenance plan. (We’ve got you scheduled for this Tuesday, Mom!) But that doesn’t mean we’re not huge tech geeks too....

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Cincinnati Volvo Repair by the Numbers

Volvos are known to be relatively reliable when it comes to repair. That’s why they are one of the most popular European cars in Cincinnati. J.D Power ranked them as average in all categories in their most recent Vehicle Dependability Study. AutoExpress gave them a middle ranking as well, with a score of 91.16 in their vehicle reliability study. ReliabilityIndex did not take as well to the Volvo, ranking them in 23rd place out of 32, with a reliability index of 125 — below the industry average of 118 (the higher the score the better). Overall, the car doesn’t stand out for reliability, but certain models like the Volvo C30 are sought after for their reliability. The Volvo C30, for instance, has a reliability score of 61. We caution you away from the Volvo XC70, which has a reliability index of 180 and above average repair costs.