The 2 Inspection Levels for a BMW

Posted 8/10/14

Own a BMW? When’s the last time you had it inspected? If you can’t remember, you’re long overdue. Read this article, and then call your BMW mechanic for a routine maintenance inspection. A regular tune up can do wonders to the performance of your vehicle,...

Regular Maintenance Tips for Repairing a Land Rover.

Posted 7/17/14

Routine Repairs that Need Done on a Land Rover Love your Land Rover? Take care of it. Most people don’t realize how much frustration, not to mention time and money, they’d save through regular Land Rover repair. Take the time to get issues checked and...

When to Repair Your Oxygen Sensor on Your Jaguar

Posted 7/10/14

Repairing a Faulty Oxygen Sensor in Your Jaguar Climate change is a reality, and smog emission standards are the law. Making sure the oxygen sensor is functioning properly on your Jaguar is not only good for the environment, it will help it pass its smog...

How to Diagnose Your Audi When It Needs Repair

Posted 7/3/14

Diagnosing Your Audi for Repair Audis are beautiful machines that almost have personalities of their own. And like anyone else with a personality, they communicate, if you learn to speak their language. Many Audi repair issues can be diagnosed according to their sound, though it’s...

Does Your Car Really Need a Brake Flush Service?

Should you get your brakes flushed? If moisture gets into the system, you certainly should. Moisture can cause the components of your braking system to rust, which could require brake replacement. Moisture can also cause the brake fluid to boil, further damaging the braking systems. Most import manufacturers of European cars such as Porsche, BMW, or Jag recommend every two years or 30,000 miles. It is at least a good idea to have the fluid inspected periodically for moisture. Fluid should be clear or translucent. Brown fluid means some moisture has gotten into the system and you may need it flushed. Black fluid indicates a more serious problem that requires immediate mechanical attention.