Cincinnati OH Auto Repair Shop


A Cincinnati OH Auto Repair Shop That Views Cars Differently.

European Auto Specialists is a group of people that views cars differently. We don’t just see a tool to get from point A to point B. We are a Cincinnati OH auto repair shop that respects, appreciates and, frankly, loves beautiful cars. Nothing delights us more than to see a timeless classic pull up and to know that we get to be entrusted in her care. To keep these classics on the road is time and passion well spent, if only so others can see and get to appreciate something so unique and ageless. We hope that you will share your love and passion for vehicles with us, and that we may work with you to keep them alive.

Vehicle Service As Meticulous As You Are.

You are a meticulous car owner. You make sure that your car is well taken care of. You surely know that your unique foreign car needs to be kept in top condition to show it off with pride and to ensure that it lasts as long as the manufacturer intended. A well-kept and maintained car is a long-lasting car. We offer vehicle service that is as meticulous to detail as you are. We want to keep your car looking her best for as long as possible- to make the classic even more classic.

A Specialized Service Garage

We’re not just any service garage. We’re specialists. We’re the guys you take your car to when you need someone who absolutely knows what they’re doing, not a mechanic who was just hired because they’re a relative of the owner. Every one of our repair people were hired because of their specialized care in dealing with European vehicles. They know how to trouble shoot the tricky problems and can design effective solutions that get the job done. They know the steps to take to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Don’t trust your car to just anybody. Leave it in the hands of the experts who appreciate the specialized care required.

Car Repair Cincinnati Style.

I think we can all agree, the Queen City does things with style. From our famous chili dogs to our Cincinnati Redlegs, we take pride in our city. At European Auto Specialists we also do our work with style and take pride in our work. We appreciate the stylings and enthusiast’s pride in European automobiles and have garnered a reputation as the area go-to shop for Cincinnati foreign car repair. From Cincinnati Audi repair, to Cincinnati Jaguar repair, to Cincinnati BMW repair, to Cincinnati Land Rover mechanics, and everything in between- we are your source for car repair, Cincinnati style.

What sort of brake maintenance and service might my Mercedes require?

Brakes are literally a lifeline in any car. Mercedes require special, routine maintenance and service by a trained mechanic. Unlike domestic cars, Mercedes use brakes with a minimal thickness in order to save weight, but this also means you have less “leeway” time when it comes to getting bad brakes repaired before they do expensive damage. Rotors of Mercedes tend to be more sensitive to warping from the heat of the brakes. In fact, overheated brakes are the second most common cause of brake failure in a Mercedes. Brakes should be visually inspected every six months by your Cincinnati service technician. It’s definitely not something you want to put off.