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Specialized Porsche Service and Repair in Cincinnati

Posted 11/20/15

Be sure to see European Auto Specialists for your Porsche Repairs and Parts. Our mechanics have decades of Porsche experience and know these cars from top to bottom. We also specialize in the restoration and finding parts for older, classic Porsche Models where a general...

Classic and Luxury Repairs for Jaguar and Porsche

Posted 10/15/15

There are a select few vehicle brands that simply scream excellence and luxury. Certainly at the top of this short list you’ll find both Jaguar and Porsche: two vehicle brands that have been regarded as the pinnacle of sophistication since the early 1900s. Today, if...

German Engineering Requires Professional Repairs

Posted 10/8/15

Some of the world’s top vehicle brands are German, and for good reason: Germany has long been known for pushing the boundaries of vehicle engineering to produce innovations that are considered the standard for luxury and efficiency. If you’re driving around in a BMW, Volkswagen,...

Hard to Find Parts and Classic Auto Repair in Cincinnati

Posted 10/1/15

If you’re the type of person who’s restoring a classic car in your free time, you know the trials and tribulations that can come with bringing it back to like-new condition. Aside from the countless hours that go into the actual restoration, there’s also a...

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Fixing Your Porsche Brakes with Advice from Instructables

Posted 7/24/15

Looking to fix the brakes on a 1989 944 Porsche or similar year? The folks at Instructables have some simple, easy to follow instructions. They don’t waste much time on words, and have some great photos that make each step easy to understand. They really...

Reasons to Call Us and Say, “Hey, Fix My Porsche”

When is it time to find a mechanic to fix your Porsche? When it comes to tires, be on the lookout for any tread depth below 1/16th of an inch or  you notice the tread wear indicator bar. If your car starts to rattle instead of handle smoothly, that’s also a sign you may need to replace the tires. Be on the listen for light tapping sounds in the engine. This could be a sign your engine has seized. If your transmission struggles to get into gear or you smell something burning or hear clanking, humming or buzzing sounds, you might be ready for a new transmission.