A MINI Countryman Adventure Worth the BMW Scheduled Maintenance

Posted 1/14/19

At our car repair shop in Cincinnati, we are passionate about BMW scheduled maintenance. It’s our job and we do it well. But what really gets us excited is adventure, especially when it’s behind the wheel of a BMW. That’s why our imaginations have been absolutely captivated to read about a specially prepared MINI Countryman adventure spanning North, Central and South America. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

The three MINI Countryman models started in late July from Dallas, Texas, and will trek through 12 states in North, Central and South America on a trip stretching down into the southernmost tip of the continent.

Putting the BMW MINI Countryman to the Test

Along the way, they’ll test what these beautiful machines are made of, especially when it comes to practicality and toughness.

“While some would expect the cars to be all Cooper SD models, for their torque and long range, the British brand decided that the MINI Countryman Cooper S E Hybrid would be a better fit,” Gabriel Nica explained in the BMWBlog. “If the team can make it in those challenging environments, it’s pretty much clear that the plug-in hybrid can conquer anything the inner cities can throw at it.”

After Texas, the trip will head to Mexico, stopping at San Luis Potosí, where vehicle production is due to start next year at a newly built BMW Group plant. The adventure then runs through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

A BMW Adventure of a Lifetime

The trip’s description practically reads like an adventure novel. Here’s how the BMWBlog describes it:

“For a period of six weeks, the three MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 will be traveling over roads of varying quality as they pass through fascinating Latin American cities and breathtaking natural landscapes. The vehicles have been specially prepared for this challenging road trip: additional headlamps, tires with emergency running properties and a roof rack to transport a spare wheel mean they are excellently equipped to cope with any hardships.”

After a trip like that, these MINI Coopers will definitely be ready for some much-needed BMW scheduled maintenance. BMW, if you’re listening, this Cincinnati car mechanic is open for business. If oil pans can tell a story, we’re ready to listen. Just from reading about it, this trip is bound to be an awesome adventure.

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