Brake Test! Amazon’s New Jack Ryan Series Features BMWs

Posted 2/25/19

If Jack Ryan stops in for brakes or a scheduled maintenance repair for his BMW, we’re ready for him. In fact, it might even be on the house, since he’s so good at fighting evil and all.

Amazon recently announced several BMWs will be featured in the big-budget millennial-friendly series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” It’s BMW’s first foray into the streaming universe, but considering how classically sporty and spy agent worthy so many of their cars are, it surely won’t be the last.

BMW’s xDrive to Feature

One BMW model that to be featured will be the BMW 540i xDrive sedan. Its all-wheel-drive system xDrive will be awesome for daredevil chase scenes, not to mention the reputable stopping power of those reliable BMW brakes.

A Whole New Look for “Jim” from the Office

The incarnation of this version of Jack Ryan from the top-grossing Tom Clancy novels and film series will be played by John Krasinski. That’s not a bad twist from his days on the Office. Guess Jim’s glad competition from Office Max ran Dunder Mifflin into the ground after all.

“The car a character associates with tells you about who they are, and who they may become; because of this, we felt BMW was a perfect fit for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” says Michael Benson, head of marketing for Prime Video, in a release. “BMW has set the bar for excellence in driving for decades: We share the same vision for Prime Video.”

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