The End of Internal Combustion At Jaguar With an F-Type

Posted 2/5/24

As crazy as it sounded even just a decade ago, more and more car companies with an eye to the future are increasing their hybrid and all-electric options. And some, like Jaguar, have decided that now is the time to begin the transition to a fully electric lineup by 2025. Though this is a better choice for the environment in the long run, we can’t help but mourn the end of the internal combustion era at Jaguar. Jaguar understands our pain, and has decided to commemorate this momentous end by making something a little bit special. You will just need to be a millionaire to be able to be in the running to get your hands on one.

The F-Type ZP Edition: An Exclusive Jag With Some History 

Jaguar recently left us with a teaser for that last internal combustion Jaguar designed by the company. The F-Type ZP Edition is steeped in the history of the evolution of Jaguar over the years. The modern F-Type is what has been referred to as the “spiritual successor” of the classic Jag E-Type that was produced between 1961 and 1974. Though a lot has changed over the years, both the E and F-Types have that iconic 2-door fastback charm that screams Jaguar.

The ZP part of the name is a clear reference to Project ZP, which focused on early Type-E racing prototypes. After the Jaguar Type-E turned heads at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar knew that the best way to continue this interest was to ensure that these new cars were recognized as both beautiful and quality racers. Jaguar did some light retrofitting on existing models, and sent them out with some of Jag’s favorite racing drivers. Just one month after the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, two of them made a showing at the Oulton Park Circuit in the UK, one of which was bearing the highly appropriate license plate “BUY 1”. The E-Types were a success, both commercially and in the racing circuit, which included 24 podium finishes between 1961 and 1964.

It’s More Than Just A Name: The F-Type With Classic Style

The F-Type ZP Edition also looks to Jaguar’s history in both interior and exterior design. The two color options that will be available—Oulton Blue or Crystal Grey—are nods to the 1961 Project ZP wins at Oulton Park and Crystal Palace. They will have white racing style circles painted on the doors, and feature both Porcelain White and Gloss Black exterior accents. To make sure the lucky owners know just how exclusive their Jaguar F-Type ZP Editions are, there will also be an SV Bespoke commissioning plaque that reads “One of 150”.

The Last Internal Combustion Jag Goes Out With A Bang

With a cool 575 horsepower supercharged V8 under the hood, this final gas Jaguar will make sure you know what you will be missing. The all-wheel drive system has 516 lb-ft of torque and will be able to hurtle you to 60 mph in a blisteringly fast 3.5 seconds. 
Though there still hasn’t been any official information released about how much this very exclusive, only 150 available, last ever internal combustion Jaguar will be, we can hazard a guess that it won’t be cheap. If you are willing to spend an arm and a leg on one of these exclusive beauties, you better get your preorder in fast. For more info and some droolworthy pics, the Jaguar Newsroom has you covered.