Smaller, Affordable SUVs Coming to a Driveway Near You

Posted 4/15/19

Most of the mechanics at European Auto Specialists have families. We’ve got the equivalent of half a baseball team to transport to soccer practice, violin lessons, and the occasional Chuck E. Cheese outing. SUVs are just a fact of life. Fortunately for us, the market has opened up on smaller, more affordable luxury SUVs. You don’t need to auction off your eldest child to afford a family vehicle you can drive in comfort. And thanks to more efficient gas mileage, you can drive an SUV these days and still be kind to the environment.

“…Because of the increasing popularity of SUVs, automakers are scrambling to create new, stylish SUVs to attract those shoppers,” Will Kaufman explains in a recent article AP article in USA TODAY. “The SUVs are smaller and more affordable than the already familiar crop of luxury SUVs such as the Audi Q5 or the BMW X3. Often they are the most affordable model in a brand’s lineup, making them even more important for carmakers hoping to win over new customers.”

That explains why we are seeing to many SUVs coming in for repairs at our auto garage in Cincinnati. They’ve just become a very popular type of vehicle. It’s easy to understand why — highly versatile to weather, roomy, and comfortable for the entire family.

The 2019 Q3 from Audi: A Family Mechanic’s Dream

We were particularly excited to hear about the upcoming 2019 Q3 from Audi. Historically, Audi was one of the first luxury automakers to introduce an entry-level SUV. The European car manufacturer started a trend because it made sense. We’ll have to be patient in the US, since the 2019 won’t hit US dealerships until July, but the wait should be worth it. As we’ve learned from years of repairing Audis, the company doesn’t tend to disappoint.

“We’ve had a chance to drive the 2019 Q3, and we think it’s a huge improvement in every way. It’s roomy and smooth-driving,” Kaufman reports. “But the Q3’s biggest appeal comes from the extensive list of available technology features. Nothing else in the class will have quite the same wow factor for tech-heads. There’s no official pricing yet, but we’d guess it will start around $36,000.”

That sounds promising. Sign us up.

Can You Take Your Car to Any Auto Repair Shop in Cincinnati Ohio for Regularly Scheduled Maintenance?

It’s a myth that you need to take your car to a dealership for regularly scheduled maintenance in order to prevent voiding the warranty. By law, you can have the work done at any auto repair shop in Cincinnati Ohio you feel comfortable with. This includes oil changes, tire rotation, timing belt replacement, and even factory ordered recalls. But here’s the thing. We live in an imperfect world, and the dealership may well try to take you to the cleaners. It’s important that you document everything. Get receipts that describe what type of work was performed and when. This way you can take your prized European car to a shop that specializes in European vehicles without being gouged by the dealer.