Cincinnati’s Unrivaled European Auto Specialists

Posted 1/15/16

Your vintage vehicle is your prized possession, and when it comes European cars, whether newer or vintage, only trust the specialists! We work exclusively with European makes, from Volkswagen to Saab, Mercedes to Porsche, we are the Cincinnati area’s unrivaled experts in European autos. We provide genuine service for the genuine car lover.

Cincinnati Audi Repair Tips

Own an Audi? Congratulations! You know what a great car it is. But you also know the special care it requires. First, follow your Audi’s manual when it comes to repairs. You can keep up on the regularly scheduled maintenance and you might be able to troubleshoot a few problems yourself without the mechanic. And make sure you keep good records on every repair you do on your Audi, including oil changes and regular maintenance upkeep. Good records will help prevent you and your mechanic from making redundant repairs. They are also helpful if you should ever decide to sell the Audi.