Import Vs. Domestic World Cup: Our Mechanics Place Their Bets

Posted 4/26/17

Sure, our technicians may love import car maintenance, but no matter how you slice the timing belt, a job is still a job. Even fixing beautiful European vehicles wears you down after a while. The latest distraction our mechanics have found is the World Cup Finals: Import Vs. Domestic, settling once and for all with is the superior machine: a European beauty or a Found On Road Dead domestic dust bucket? You know who we’ve got our money on. Now that’s settled, time to get back to greasing your mechanical work, Cincinnati!

Common Cincinnati Audi Repair Problems for A4

Sure, our mechanics will always attest to the Audi A4’s reliability. There’s little on the market that even comes close. But no car is perfect. Even the A4 has its issues. Some of the most common repair problems for the A4 we see in Cincinnati include oxygen sensor failure. This isn’t just a problem when you need to pass an emissions test. It also costs you at the fuel pump, since your engine pumps more than it should and doesn’t hit optimum fuel efficiency. Some people have problems when the oil pump chain goes out. This can be a fairly simple repair, though it may leave you stranded on the road when it first happens. Timing pump and water pump failure will also happen over time, so keep track of your milage and have them replaced before they break.