Land Rover Will Build New Defender in Slovakia but Doesn’t Abandon British Roots

Posted 11/25/19

It’s official. The next generation of the Land Rover Defender 4×4 will be built in Slovakia — not the U.K.

The Defender model had been built at the firm’s Solihull factory near Birmingham. The latest rendition has been designed and built in the U.K. engines built in Wolverhampton.

The new Defender will instead be built at the company’s £1bn plant in Nitra in Slovakia, which opened in October 2018. The 2020 Defender is reportedly entering the final stage of testing.

Always a British Machine & a European Tradition

But that doesn’t mean Land Rover is abandoning its British roots.

“Reading between the lines it always looked like it would be built in Slovakia, particularly after they [JLR] had invested such a large sum in their new plant there,” James Attwood, deputy editor at Autocar magazine, told the BBC. “But it is still very much a British design. And, of the range of engines that are going to be built for the new vehicle, a number are going to be built in the UK. Jaguar and Land Rover already make a number of cars in other countries and they are still very much seen as British cars.”

Land Rover does plan significant investment in the Solihull factory for future releases.

Slovakia made, British design, whatever — Land Rovers will always be a European car. And our mechanics will be happy to repair them. After all, European vehicles are what we do best. We offer the best European auto care in Cincinnati.

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