BMW Unveils New Prototype of Upcoming All Electric SUV — the iNext

Posted 9/30/19

BMW’s iNext, an electric SUV with an expected range of 400 miles, has moved on to the, well, next stage. The European car company announced the the concept-car at a private event last September and recently debuted a prototype in New York.

“Intended as the first showcase for BMW’s self-driving technology, the interior of this not-Ultimate Driving Machine, is designed to be ‘your new favorite place to be,’ with nubbly turquoise-and-beige Jacquard fabric appearing half worn like an old Persian rug,” noted Green Car Reports. “The latest prototype looks to abandon most of that vibe in favor of a sleek geometric design about the size of an X5 that’s a little low for an SUV, presumably for better aerodynamics and improved range.”

An Impressive Range in Battery Design

Expected in 2022, the production version of the iNext will to be the third new all-electric BMW since the company revamped its electric-car strategy to base upcoming electrics on its platforms for conventional cars. The iNext will be the first BMW to use the company’s fifth generation battery design — which will likely deliver more energy with less space.

BMW will expand its car factory in Dingolfing to include production of the fifth-generation batteries for its electric cars. The company is also planning an end-to-end battery recycling program that would use recycled materials from old BMW electric-car batteries to build new batteries.

So your next BMW scheduled maintenance may be to swap out the old battery with a new, but chances are that new one will be recycled. That’s great for the earth and better on your budget.

Signs You Need Your Cincinnati Jaguar Brakes Replaced

How are the brakes on your Jaguar, Cincinnati? Replacing them before the pads have completely worn out can significantly cut down on the expense. It’s a good idea to have them checked anytime you bring the brakes in for a repair. This way you can replace the pads before they’ve eaten into the rotors. There are warning signs you should watch out for that your brakes need replaced. Most modern Jaguars will have a warning light when the pads come on. Squealing, squeaking, or grinding sounds are other sure signs you need brake repair. If the car tends to lean one way or the other when you press the brakes, that could be a sign it’s time. A soft brake pedal could be a sign that fluid is leaking from the master cylinder or elsewhere in the brake system. This should be looked into as soon as possible.