BMW Commits Itself to 100% Global Renewable Energy by 2020

Posted 7/8/19

BMW has electrified its commitment to decarbonization with quite a spark. The company revealed it is already sourcing its electricity from 100% renewable sources in Europe, and plans to source from renewables worldwide by 2020.

The company recently made the announcement on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice.

The company continues to follow through on a clear strategy to increase the number of electrified models across all brands and model.

BMW Strives Forward as Electric Leader

Clearly, the market is surging forward on electric, and BMW is capitalizing on it for its own best interests. But the company also believes in sharing information so the entire world can follow suit for the sake of the planet. BMW was a headline sponsor of the Sustainable Innovation Forum this past December.

This year’s Forum focused on four key streams: Circular economy, sustainable mobility, energy transition and climate finance. Representatives of the BMW Group stressed the importance of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shared how private companies can provide solutions to decarbonize the mobility sector.

As Automotive World explains:

“The BMW Group will also present in the exhibition area of the Forum the results of the 2018 Stakeholder Dialogue Series “Cities in Progress”, this series reached its final destination in Berlin last October. Previous events took place in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Shenzhen and Rotterdam with a focus on exchanging ideas with the different stakeholders involved and launching initial collaborative projects. The dialogues focused on how mobility will evolve in the cities of the future and explored alternative mobility concepts. In all five cities visited the main challenges pointed out by the participants were traffic congestion, air pollution and lack of parking space. The stakeholders shared their expectations for the BMW Group to provide new mobility services in addition to its existing products and services, as well as to have a product portfolio predominantly featuring emission- free vehicles.”

A Greener World, a Brighter Future

That’s certainly good news. Our BMW technicians take pride in the company’s forward thinking philosophies when it comes to environmental issues. With the latest UN issued report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calling for climate change action on the level of the global efforts to it took prevail in World War II, our entire approach to civilization needs to change for the sake of future generations. It’s good to know BMW is at the helm for a better future and a more sustainable world.

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