Porsche at the Head of the Class in Consumer Reports Brand Report Card

Posted 6/1/20

We’re not just Porsche mechanics here at European Auto Specialists. The truth is we’re Porsche enthusiasts. We live and breathe these cars. In fact, we’re kind of fanatics about our Porsches.

So we totally get why Consumer Reports picked Porsche to top its list of Brand Report Card Rankings for 2020.

Pedestrian Detection & Other Safety Requirements

To make the list, Consumer Reports only considered CR-recommended models that come standard with forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection. For the first time, the magazine also made standard pedestrian detection a requirement for eligibility.

“Studies and our own testing have shown pedestrian detection systems can help curb this tragic trend,” says Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. “We added this requirement to help make this feature commonplace.”

Safety & Performance

Overall, safety and performance were the main criteria in deciding which brands made the top grade.

“The brands at the top of our rankings do a great job of producing cars that perform well in our road tests, and are reliable, safe, and highly satisfying,” Fisher said.

So yes, Porsches are great performing cars, but they are also impressively safe. Like we say, won’t someone please think of the children? You know that’s why our Porsche mechanics love to drive them. (Not really, but that’s what we tell ourselves. Actually, it’s the mind blowing speed!)

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