Happy Birthday Porsche! The Anniversary of 3 Iconic Models

Posted 6/22/20

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we don’t often break out the party hats, but when we do, it’s for Porsche.

This past March, Porsche celebrated the birthdays of three iconic Porsche vehicles. Though this year’s Geneva Motor Show was canceled, Porsche took occasion to commemorate the anniversary of the 918 Spyder Concept that appeared 10 years ago, the 993-series 911 Turbo appearing 25 years ago, and the 718 RS 60 race car 60 years ago.

A Commemorative Video & Photo Spread

Motor1.com celebrated the occasion with a video from Porsche and a commemorative photo gallery.

Motor1.com reports:

“The Porsche museum stepped up to create a special photoshoot with the 918, 718 RS 60, and different examples of the 993. We don’t have photos from Porsche yet on this special event, and given the current state of things around the world, we may not see them for a while yet. At least we have this behind-the-scenes video, which suggests the photos will definitely be worth the wait.”

So yeah, we’ll take a break repairing Porsches to enjoy a slice of birthday cake and check out a video. Porsches are amazing cars, so amazing you might want to check their brakes. When’s the last time you brought yours in for a Porsche brake job? Our mechanics are waiting, party hats and all.

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