The BMW 3-Series: Serious Tech for a New Age

Posted 7/29/19

At our Cincinnati auto shop, our technicians have a little rivalry going. The guys who fix BMWs and the ones who like Mercedes are always arguing why their favorite car is the best. It’s a lot like the Ford/Chevy rivalry of the ‘80s. We like to tell them their both right. BMWs and Mercedes are quality made, European cars. We’re happy to drive and repair either one of them.

It seems the car manufacturers themselves have a similar rivalry. BMW just announced it will revamped its 3-Series sedan with tech gadgetry like smartphone entry, and auto-reverse and an in-car assistant that learns drivers’ routines — all in an effort to better compete with Mercedes.

“It’s a bit of a bellwether for how BMW is doing as a company,” IHS Markit analyst Tim Urquhart told Bloomberg. “For the last 20, 30 years this has been the aspirational vehicle of the young, upwardly mobile professional, and that’s not going to change very soon.”

Bold Tech Plans

BMW also plans to make your car keys obsolete.

Bloomberg explains:

“Drivers use their smartphone instead to unlock the vehicle and start it, by placing the phone in a wireless charging tray. Once underway, the car can automatically keep a set distance from the car in front and it helps drivers stick to a lane in tight roadwork channels. In stop-and-go traffic, it can restart from a standstill on its own.”

BMWS innovation of technology are in line with the brand.

“It represents the BMW brand like no other car,” Head of development Klaus Froehlich said at the show. “It is truly the heart and soul of BMW.”

We can’t wait to drive one. Our BMW technicians don’t just repair BMWs. We live and breathe them. It’s something we’re very passionate about.

Signs You Need New Cincinnati BMW Brakes

Your BMW’s brakes are not something you want to ignore. We often recommend to our Cincinnati customers they get a brake inspection whenever they are getting routine work done. It’s always cheaper to be ahead of the curve and get them replaced before they wear into the rotor. Most modern BMWs will have a warning light come on that you need your brakes fixed. If this happens, call us immediately for an appointment. Other signs include squeaking sounds when you brake, if the car swerves one direction or another when you brake, or if the brake pedal feels spongy and soft. A burning smell around the wheel when you drive is a sign that the brake has become stuck. You may need to get new brake cables.