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4 Awesome Car Repair Tools to Equip Your Perfect Man Cave

Posted 12/17/18

Like to do your own mechanical work, Cincinnati? We get it. Cars are beautiful machines, that beg for you to get underneath the hood for DIY car repair—especially the European models. Even though we get to repair cars all day, we still get excited every...

Troubleshooting the Problem When Your Car Needs Work

Posted 7/26/16

Car Troubleshooting When You Aren’t Near an Auto Repair Shop When your car doesn’t start, everything in your day is suddenly more complicated. No matter if the fix is simple or more complicated, you aren’t getting anywhere fast. And since your car is now stranded...

Car Troubleshooting Tips for Overheating

When it comes to troubleshooting your car’s overheated engine, start with the pressure cap on the gasket. Sometimes there is a leak, which allows gas to escape and the radiator to malfunction. You may also want to check the oil levels, since oil removes as much as 75 percent of the engine’s heat. Your bottom radiator hose may also be collapsing, creating a circulation problem. You may also have a problem with the accessory belt that’s connected to the water pump. It should have no more than a half inch of give. If it is loose or damaged, you may need to replace it. You may also need a new radiator. Look for leaks by inspecting under the car after it has been sitting a while.