4 Awesome Car Repair Tools for Your Man Cave

Posted 12/17/18

Like to do your own mechanical work, Cincinnati? We get it. Cars are beautiful machines, especially the European models. Repairing cars isn’t just a job to us. It’s our passion. We fix yours during the week at our auto garage, but on the weekends? We repair our own cars. Our garages are equipped fortresses of the best car repair tools known to man. Here are 4 of our favorites.

Yeah, our blood starts revving just thinking about troubleshooting car repair. It’s more than just an obsession. It’s downright pathological.

The World’s Greatest Ratchet Extender

It’s car repair. You’re going to swear a blue storm. That’s how the work gets done. But when you’ve got Tight Reach, our favorite choice for a ratchet extender, you’ll put half as many dollars into that swear jar. This baby is pure magic for getting into those really tight places in an engine bracket. It fits on the end of a socket wrench and is available for 1/4-in. and 3/8-in.-drive sockets/ratchets.

This Convertible Creeper/Stool Changes Lives

We may love car repair, but know what we absolutely hate? Crawling around on a dirty garage floor whenever we have to get under the vehicle. That’s why we swear by the Pro-Lift Convertible Creeper. It’s a creeper and convertible seat on wheels. It’s so comfy we’ve been known to bring it in from the garage and watch the game. It would even make for some great romance if the wife was only a little more open minded. Just saying….

The Ratchet Set of MacGyver’s Dreams

Every mechanic needs a ratchet set. With this beauty from Dewalt, you’ll never need another ratchet set again. Call it MacGyver’s briefcase. This baby has everything. Dewalt is known for their hefty power tools, and this ratchet set doesn’t disappoint. Hold one of these ratchets in your hands and experience true power, the absolute thrill of any mechanic. Dewalt has a 204-piece socket/wrench set and a 118-piece set available.

This Oil Extraction Pump Puts You on Cloud 9

Sure, it looks like something you’d find in your kid’s college dorm room, but this Briggs & Stratton oil extractor pump is no pipe dream. If you change your own oil, it’s required home furnishings. It turns the chore of oil changes practically into a hobby. You’ll be volunteering to do oil changes for your neighbors, the mailman, even your in-laws.

Cincinnati Mechanical Work: Superior Repair for European Vehicles

Do you own an Audi, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes? These are premium cars. But to truly perform to their full potential, they need highly exceptional service. You wouldn’t want to trust the mechanical repairs and maintenance to anybody but the best Cincinnati mechanic. At European Auto Specialists, all of our mechanics specialize in European vehicles. We understand the special care these vehicles require. We understand their performance maintenance schedules like the back of our hands. This isn’t just a job for us. It’s our passion, our art form. We’ll treat your vehicle as if it was our own. Your car will run in prime condition, like the day you first drove it off the lot.