Say It’s Not So: BMW M3 & M4 is Topped by Others in 3 Series Lineup

Posted 8/24/20

Our auto technicians have been repairing BMWs a long time. They know if there’s one thing you can count on it’s that BMW will outdo itself.

The Internet has raved about the BMW M3 and M4. Every car blog from here to Kingdom Come seems to love these cars sleek handling, superb performance, and raw power. Those are traits BMW is known for. Everytime we look under the hood to do some mechanical work, we can’t help but be impressed.

An Even Higher Bar

Well, hold onto your driving goggles. Turns out the new BMW M3 and M4 might not even be the most impressive thing in the 3 Series lineup. In fact, it just might be a soccer mom mobile compared to other exciting releases BMW is cooking up.

Autocar reports:

“However, the most powerful 4 Series variant will be the i4. The new Tesla Model 3 rival will use a pair of electric motors to offer up to 523bhp and around 600lb ft of torque. The i4 will be the second electric BMW to share its underpinnings with a conventional internal-combustion-engined car, after the iX3 SUV.”

The BMW 3 Series: So Much to Love!

The 3 Series certainly won’t disappoint, whether you’re a BMW technician doing mechanical work under the hood, or a BMW fan in love with superb performance.

Gear Patrol’s pretty excited about the BMW 3 Series potential:

“Still, the internal-combustion M3 and M4 should remain the enthusiasts’ choices, thanks to the whole package of upgrades the BMW M crew always brings to the table. In the case of the new cars, that will allegedly include more variants than ever; for the first time, the M4 will come in a four-door Gran Coupe variant as well as two-door hardtop and soft-top versions.”

A Brief Explanation of the Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan

There really is no substitute for a Porsche. This car is a fine art form. But if you want to get the best performance and value for your money, you really need to follow your Porsche performance scheduled maintenance plan to a T. Most Porsches are automatically enrolled in the company’s 4-year/50,000-mile warranty plan. This a 12 year/unlimited mileage warranty for rust and perforation. Model year 2018 Porsche vehicles include a complimentary first service for an oil change and more. After that, we’d recommend a synthetic oil change every 10,000 miles or 12 months. Keep in mind that you can have all required maintenance performed at your choice of car repair. You are not required to go to a dealer for the warranty. This is your right under Ohio law.