Jaguar Repair is Back in the Compact Luxury Performance Market!

Posted 5/17/17

For nearly the last decade, our Jaguar mechanics have had to accept that Jaguar is out of the compact luxury-performance market. You could always count on the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 to deliver in that market, but never Jaguar, mostly thanks to the demise of its Ford-derived X-Type. Of course, what did they expect when they base a Jaguar on the design of a Ford bolt bucket, rather than the European beauty such a car truly deserved?

But anybody who follows Jaguar repair will be happy to know Jaguar is back in the game with the aluminum-intensive Jaguar XE.

“Showing styling that reflects the influence of big brothers XF and XJ, XE is offered as the 25t, with a turbocharged I-4; the 35t, with a supercharged V-6; and the 20d, powered by an I-4 turbo diesel,” the St. Louis Dispatch reports. “While all feature an eight-speed automatic, the gas I-4 is rear-drive only, the V-6 and diesel available with rear- or all-wheel drive.”

What’s the Good News?

“(The) XE is lovely to behold, athletic to drive and generous in engine choices. It gives 3 Series and A4 fans another choice,” freelance automotive writer Dan Wiese reflects.

Beautiful. Sign us up, and throw in a Jaguar scheduled maintenance plan for good measure!

Our Cincinnati Audi Mechanics Warning on Oil Leaks

Our Audi technicians see it quite a bit at our Cincinnati repair shops. Audis tend to suffer from oil leaks. These generally result from leaky valve covers or tensioner gasket seals. This can be quite a fire hazard, since the oil hits the exhaust and other hot parts of the engine, so it’s best to get it repaired right away. Leaking oil can also damage electrical parts as well, especially when it comes to wiring. It’s worse than a mouse infestation. Leave it alone, and the problem only gets more expensive over time. Don’t put off an oil leak. There are always consequences. They are dangerous, not only to wiring, but your life.