Electrical Specialist: Numerous Tesla Owners Locked Out When App Goes Down

Posted 3/9/20

Yep, there’s always an app for that — but when the app crashes, hopefully you saved the key.

Numerous Tesla drivers were locked out of their vehicles last September when the app suddenly crashed, essentially locking them out of their luxury electric vehicles.

Keyless Brick

The app was down for hours, leading at least one Tesla owner to wonder if the car had become nothing more than ‘a red brick.’”

“Hey @Tesla. I love my new Model 3… but now the app won’t refresh, won’t let me sign in, and says I have no vehicle,” Tesla owner Ethlie Ann Vare tweeted at the company.
I’ve been on hold for tech support for an hour. Is my new car a red brick already?”

There’s an Uber for That

Tesla owners are given a physical card to unlock their vehicles, but many rely solely on the company’s app. That left many luxury electric car owners calling an uber to the rescue.

The app was down for four hours.

Advice from a Cincinnati Electrical Specialist

As our car electrical specialists will tell you, stuff happens. Wires get crossed, code gets broken. Relying purely on app to start your car can potentially lead to problems.

Our Cincinnati auto mechanics might not own a Tesla, but many do own cars with keyless ignitions. And we’ve seen plenty of electrical problems related to push button starts. Keep in mind that most “keyless” keys do in fact have a key if you pull on the black handle. This can come in handy if your key’s battery is dead — or if Tesla manages to lock you out of your $50K car.

Can You Trust Them? How to Test Your Local Automobile Repair Shop

How do you know if that local auto repair shop in Cincinnati is charging you for work you don’t really need? Simple. Put them to the test. Bring the car in for a repair issue that you know isn’t really an issue in the first place. Say, “I think there’s something going on with the radiator” — even when you know the radiator is perfectly fine. If the shop is disreputable, they’ll recommend a complete replacement of the radiator. If they are honest with you, they’ll tell you the work doesn’t really need done. Then you know you have a company you can trust. Another great quality of a mechanic is he or she will suggest more affordable fixes instead of just charging you for the easy go to repair that’s more expensive. Good mechanics are creative in their repairs and can suggest ways you can save money.