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BMW’s i3 to Be All Electric with Plenty of Driving Range

Posted 6/10/19

Not that long ago, BMW offered its i3 Electric with a range extender option that extended its driving difference with a diesel engine backup. Thanks to battery improvements, that gas fueled extension is now a thing of the past. “BMW has dropped the range extender...

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Look Like Regular Cars

Posted 5/27/19

It wasn’t so long ago you could spot an electric vehicle in traffic and know it was electric. It looked like some sleek futuristic tinker toy designed by Buck Rogers. Until recently, electric vehicles looked less like cars and more like science fiction. BMW wants...

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BMW M5 Wins World Performance Car Award

Posted 12/3/18

The BMW M5 is a beautiful car. You don’t have to be a BMW technician to know it. If you ever happen to lay your eyes on one, we swear it will be love at first sight. In fact, we’ve recently promised to donate every...

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BMW Driver’s Nightmare: Jammed Gas Pedal in a Runaway Car

Posted 10/29/18

It’s a driver’s worst nightmare. Driving a BMW with the gas pedal stuck, at speeds of 90 mph, nothing from the BMW brakes, and a frantic conversation with 911 that goes on for 40 agonizing miles. That was exactly what happened to Florida motorist Joseph...

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BMW Launches First Battery Plant in China

Posted 9/3/18

Our BMW mechanics love BMWs. They’re great European cars. BMW’s secret comes down to design and reliability, which are certainly European traditions, at least when it comes to an awesome automotive. Still, our mechanics have to admit they shed at least a tear or two...

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The Collaborative Friendly Approach of BMW’s Tech

Posted 8/13/18

At European Auto Specialists, we don’t just geek out over the engines of cars. We love the entire package, from what’s under the hood to the design, marketing, and technology of beautiful European cars. And yes, our BMW mechanics love it when their Pandora stations...

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BMW to Unveil 5 Electric Cars at LA Auto Show

Posted 5/14/18

BMW fans striving to go all out electric have several options to choose from. The company will debut five upcoming electric cars at the upcoming 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show: the MINIElectric Concept, the BMW C-Evolution Scooter, The BMW 8 Series Concept, the BMW X7...

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Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Suspected for Fixing Radar

Posted 3/26/18

We love Volkswagen, but when will the company finally get its act together and stick to the straight and narrow? Probably long after we’ve retired from Volkswagen repair, that’s for sure. In October, European Union investigators raided the offices of Daimler and Volkswagen in an...

Signs of a Quality Bmw Technician

What should you look for when it comes to a BMW mechanic? For starters, are they specialized in BMWs specifically? Like many European models, BMWs are highly specialized cars that require special care, so you don’t want to leave the work to just anybody. You don’t need to pay the exorbitant fees of a dealer, but you should go to a specialist mechanic. Also, are they certified by the AAA or ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence)? Take a look at their shop floor. Is it clean and organized? Is their office clean? A quality shop will be obvious from the moment you walk through their door.