BMW M5 Wins World Performance Car Award

Posted 12/3/18

The BMW M5 is a beautiful car. You don’t have to be a BMW technician to know it. If you ever happen to lay your eyes on one, we swear it will be love at first sight. In fact, we’ve recently promised to donate every dollar in our swear jar to purchasing one for our auto repair shop in Cincinnati. And yep, we’re cussing up a blue storm lately. If you happen to stop on by, bring some ear plugs for the kids.

The BMW M5 apparently made the jurors of the 2018 World Car Awards swear too. The car drove away with the World Performance Car award, topping out the short list against the Honda Civic Type R and the Lexus LC 500.

A Fast, Beautiful High Tech Car

It’s not a mystery why so many are in love with this latest from BMW. The M5 is the fastest most technologically advanced M-vehicle to date. We wonder what this BMW’s scheduled maintenance plan looks like.

“We at BMW are very excited to receive this award from the World Car of the Year organization,” stated Trudy Hardy, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America. “The BMW 5 Series has always played an important part of the BMW product portfolio. With this 6th generation BMW 5 Series we are able to offer our customers a broad range of variants ranging from the extremely efficient BMW 530e plug-in hybrid, all the way to the BMW M5, which is the quickest BMW ever built, reaching 0-60 in under 3.2 seconds.”

Cincinnati Foreign Car Repair: Look into Recalls Before Buying Used

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