BMW Struggles with Electric Car Sales in US

Posted 10/28/19

BMW is having a tough time getting US car lovers to plug in.

BMW recently reported a whopping 52.3% drop in sales — posting an electric car sales number so small it was barely a blip on sales reports.

As InsideEv’s reports, “Assuming 1,973 sales in April 2018, then this April sales shrunk to 941. So, the share out of BMW’s overall volume of sales decreased to 3.6%.”

Trucks, SUVs Grow in Popularity

And while electric cars have not been quite been the sizzle the company has hoped, it’s also witnessing a consumer switch away from cars in preference to light trucks and SUVs. While passenger car sales went by 17.8%, light trucks/SUV segment increased 35.6%. The total BMW sales increased by 1.4% to 23,816.

Nevertheless, BMW continues to push into the electric market.

BMW reports:

“BMW Group sales of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles decreased 52.3 percent in April 2019 vs. April 2018. Model changeover has limited the current BMW Group electrified lineup to five models including the BMW i3, BMW i8 and i8 Roadster, BMW 530e, and MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Plug-in hybrid variants of the BMW X5, the all-new BMW 3 Series and updated BMW 7 Series recently debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show. These models and a plug-in-hybrid variant of the BMW X3 will begin sales in the U.S. at a future date.”

Whatever the reason for the current sluggishness in electric sales in the US, our BMW mechanics are certainly looking forward to going electric, especially the electrical specialists. We love the idea of saving the earth — and we really love the idea of saving at the pump. And it also helps to be building a future for our children too.

Cincinnati Jaguar Technician: Do I Have to Take My Car to a Dealership?

We get asked this a lot: “Do I need to get my Jaguar repaired by the dealership, or can I take it to just any Jaguar technician in Cincinnati?” The short answer is it is absolutely your right to take your car to any mechanic you prefer — even for warranty maintenance. You don’t need to take it to a dealership — and in fact you shouldn’t. You’ll pay more for likely substandard service. That being said, you shouldn’t take your Jaguar to just anybody. Jaguars are highly specialized machines that require specialized care. You should take it to a shop like European Auto Specialists that focus on European car repair, especially Jaguars. You’ll get better service and have a better running Jaguar as a result.