Why Our Mechanics Can’t Wait to Check Out New BMW m4

Posted 6/8/20

Our BMW mechanics are excited about the BMW m4 — expected to hit dealerships later this year. The car will bear a close resemblance to the radically styled Concept 4 Series revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show.

Autocar Reports:

“New images of the coupé variant undergoing winter testing show that the Audi RS5 rival will gain a much more prominent front grille than its predecessor, and it looks to be vertically orientated, as was the case with the concept. BMW claims the new grille design, which is expected to make its production debut on the M4, is inspired by that of the iconic 328 sports car from the 1930s.

“The new generation of Munich’s hardcore sports coupé can also be seen to sport more athletic body proportions, with bulky rear wheel arches that afford a more muscular stance, and a swooping rear deck like that of the brand’s flagship M8. Differences between this and the standard 2020 4 Series are familiar, with the return of bigger intakes and quad exhaust tailpipes.”

It’s all part of BMW’s continued evolution in technology.

“It is for all intents and purposes an all-new drivetrain with significant changes to the base engine that allow it to rev beyond 7000rpm and deliver a much higher specific output” than today’s S55 engine,” M division officials told Autocar.

Free Coffee if You Bring a BMW m4 by Our Cincinnati Auto Garage

Either way, we can’t wait to own one, or at least repair one. We’d love to see what one of these babies looks like under the hood. If you come across one, bring it by our Cincinnati auto shop. There’s a free cup of coffee in it for you!

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