Replace Jaguar’s Brakes

Posted 4/15/15

Are the brakes in your Jaguar starting to sound like Megadeth? Fear not and rock on. The folks at Jaghelp have an excellent how-to when it comes to fixing Jaguar brakes. Let’s walk through the process.

First, remove as much brake fluid as you can from the brake master cylinder reservoir. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should get most of it out. Remove the cap and cover the hole with a rag.

Next, crack the lug nuts. Lift the car with a jack, being sure never to place any part of your body underneath it in case the jack should fail. Remove the wheel.

Remove the two lug nuts that keep the caliper in place. For old vehicles with rust problems, there’s always the chance these lug nuts will break, in which case you’ll have no choice but to take the car to a Cincinnati car mechanic like European Auto Specialists.

Next, remove the caliper. Then remove the brake pads. Remove both bolts holding the caliper bracket in place. Take off the caliper bracket. Add a lug nut onto a few of the threads on the stud. This will keep the rotor from flying when you next hit the rotor with a hammer until you can remove it.

Clean the surface with a wire brush where you’ll put the new rotor. This step is important. Any dirt left on the rotor will contaminate your new Jaguar brakes and require replacement sooner. Putting antiseize on the surface is a good idea and will help maintain the brakes so you won’t have to replace the brakes on your Jaguar as often.

Attach the new rotor, making sure the pins on the bracket are free. If they are dirty, remove the pins and clean with WD40 and then grease them and put them back in place. Replace the bracket, catching the bolts by hand.  Tighten the bolts, and then grease the contact points on the new pad with brake grease. Place the new pads. Put the caliper back on, pushing the caliper pistons all the way back. If the new pads already have bolts, catch the bolts by hand. Tighten bolts.

Final Steps

Put the wheel back on, lower car, and you’re practically done. Tighten the bolts until snug.

Refill the brake reservoir to the max mark. Next, pump the brakes to make sure they are tight. Recheck that the brake fluid is still at the max mark. Tighten the brakes. You’ve just fixed your Jaguar’s brakes.

Seeking Help With Brakes

Since the brakes Jag are the lifeline of your vehicle, make sure every step is done correctly. If you have any doubt in your abilities, leave it to the professionals at European Auto Specialists. We’ll be happy to help.

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