Audi’s New Ad Campaign: Electric’s not for You? Yeah Right!

Posted 12/9/19

It’s 2019 — and our mechanics are always surprised by how few electrical vehicles are serviced in our Cincinnati automobile repair shop.

But let’s be honest — car manufacturers, even BMW and Volvos that have staked their entire future on electric cars, are pretty terrible at promoting them. SUVs and crossover vehicles get all the promotional love, but electric plugins? Hardly a peep.

Audi’s seeking to change that with a new 15 ad series that takes aim at many common myths of electric cars. The move is in tandem with the company’s first all electric model.

Raw & Unbridled Sarcasm

The new series is called “Not for You.” Green Car Reports sums up the videos quite nicely:

“With a slightly dazed young professional watching a neighbor open their garage to a new E-tron plugged in, the narrator intones: ‘Electric it’s not for you.’

“As the neighbor runs the car through its duty-cycle paces over perhaps year, rapid-fire, on camera, the narrator runs through all the negative stereotypes about electric cars:

    • It’s not for you because it doesn’t have enough range.
    • It’s not for you because it will never survive winter.
    • It’s not for you because, electric just can’t keep up.
    • And good luck finding a charging station.
    • Oh, by the way, you no longer get the privilege of hanging out at gas stations.

“The narrator doesn’t address any of these objections directly. The car on the video rolls right through them, blasting through deserted wilderness, snowy two-tracks, and charging. Audi’s Formula E racecar makes an appearance to refute the notion that electric cars are slow.”

Our Cincinnati Mechanics are All for It

You don’t need to tell our car mechanics an electric car can’t survive a Cincinnati winter. We know that the best breweries always have charging stations — so we fill us up whenever the batter needs filled up too. Twist our arm — driving an electric Audi with a nice set of brakes and a recent radiator flush feels pretty sweet.

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