Why is a Brake Flush Service Necessary?

A brake flush service is not some conspiracy to put your car mechanic’s kids through college. It really is necessary for the health and safety of your car. Most car manufacturers recommend flushing the brakes every two years or 30,000 miles. Any moisture that gets into the braking system is absorbed by the brake fluid, which is held in the suspension. Over time and mileage, the brake fluid reaches the point where it no longer can hold the moisture. This can not only rust your brake parts from the inside, but it can actually reach a dangerous boiling point under strenuous braking conditions.

Anti-locking brakes especially can be susceptible to moisture, not to mention expensive to replace. Consider your brake flush an investment against outright replacing the brakes before necessary.

How to Tell If Your Brakes Need Flushed

At the very least, you should have the brake fluid inspected by a mechanic you trust. Fluid in good condition should be clear or translucent. Rust colored fluid is indication moisture has gotten into the line, and you should get a flush. If the fluid is black or burned, your brakes have a more serious problem your mechanic will need to address.

Most European cars, including Porsche, BMW, Jaguars and other imports, should have their brakes flushed every two years or so, depending on mileage and the amount of braking you do.

Giving Your Car Mechanic the Grade A Trustworthy Reliability Test

Want to know if you can trust your auto repairman? Put them to the test. Take your car in for something it doesn’t actually need, play dumb, and see what happens. The easiest is a front end alignment when you are sure it doesn’t need it, or tire rotation on recently purchased tires. Tell them it’s been a while since you’ve driven the car, you are getting it ready for your daughter or niece to use it, and you aren’t sure what it needs. Be clear to have them call you before they do any work. And then sit back and watch and learn. If your mechanic passes with flying colors, they’ll tell you nothing is needed. If they suggest a bunch of repairs, you might want to start shopping for a more reliable mechanic.