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Porsche Heir Plans to Ice Race a Porsche

Posted 4/20/20

Many of the car mechanics at our Cincinnati auto shop own Porsches — but they really like to fantasize about owning the Porsche brand itself. Repairing Porsches is one thing — owning the company is another world entirely. What would we do if we owned...

Why OEM Parts Can Be Critical to Cincinnati Audi Repair

Ask any Audi mechanic. Electrical problems are one of the most common things we see that need repair at our Cincinnati garage. Failure of digital dashboard display or console, erratic lights and blown tail lamps are fairly common problems. All of these issues tend to be fairly simple to fix with a component replacement. But do yourself a favor — use only OEM products. An Audi can become especially touchy when you try to substitute generic parts. There’s a reason these vehicles run so well. They are designed to run on high quality parts. Try to make do with a part of lesser quality and you are taking the health of your Audi into your own hands. We highly suggest you stick to factory made components — no substitutions. Your Audi deserves the very best.