News from a Porsche Technician’s News Feed: New Hints of Macan SUV Updates

Posted 12/31/18

The next time you visit our auto repair shop in Cincinnati to have the brakes done on your Porsche, you might overhear some shop talk. Porsche just released a few details on the upcoming face lift of its Macan SUV, the brand’s top seller. We’re more than just Porsche technicians. We’re enthusiasts too. And we love ourselves some Porsche gossip. Of the 246,375 cars Porsche sold last year, more than a third of that — 97,202 Macans.

Why fix what’s clearly not broke? Porsche doesn’t want to mess up a good thing and isn’t expected to change much in terms of design.

“Porsche’s official images don’t grant us a look in the cabin, but spy shots taken last year reveal that changes here will be minimal,” James Brodie reports for Auto Express. “No dashboard redesign is on the cards, so expect updates to be limited to new, sharper infotainment and digitization of the instrument panel, alongside updated infotainment.”

Still, a few tweaks are expected.

“…there’s little new to pick out from beneath the masking other than a slightly revised front apron, new headlights, and revised taillights,” Brodie added. “The new rear units at the rear will be linked to create a full width LED taillight bar spanning the tailgate.”

But engine wise, you can expect some significant improvements. Brodie further elaborates:

“The new Macan may not be offered with a diesel option, with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol taking up the role of being the most economical option and modified with a new particulate filter.

Six-cylinder engines are set to be revised. During our prototype drive, we found out that Porsche will equip the Macan S with a 3.0-litre V6 producing 351bhp — 15bhp more than before. Elsewhere, the Macan Turbo will turn to the 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 found in the Audi RS4, with 434bhp on tap.”

It’s a beautiful machine. Our mechanics understand why the Macan accounts for nearly 40% of Porsche sales. We love to work on them. We love to read about them. And we love to drive them. Like much of their premium line, this Porsche is a dream come true.

Porsche is expected to release more details at a show in China towards the end of July.

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