Porsche Repair Blues? Watch Magnus Walker Crash Classic Porsche

Posted 7/28/17

Feeling blue because you need to call up your local Cincinnati repair shop and say, “Hey, can you fix my Porsche?” We understand. It can be upsetting when the love of your life isn’t feeling her best. But don’t worry- we know how to make you feel better.

At least you’re not Magnus Walker crashing his famous 277 Porsche 911 into the back of a semi trailer. Check out the video. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

No Harm, No Foul: Passenger, Driver Unscathed

The video was taken in 2014 by Vineeta Sawkar, a Star Tribune reporter who was riding with Magnus at the time of the crash. It’s impressive in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time camera footage.  Even more luckily, Road and Track reported she and Magnus walked away from the crash with just a few scrapes and bruises.

So the next time your Porsche needs repaired, hopefully it doesn’t need to be dislodged from a semi trailer first. Those things have been known to behead people, seriously. And our Porsche technicians love you just the way you are.

Important Repairs on Your Porsche Scheduled Maintenance

A Porsche is a beautiful car, but any work of art still needs to be carefully maintained. To get the most out of your Porsche, stick to the recommended maintenance schedule that Porsche provides. That’s the best way to get the best longevity, performance and joy out of your Porsche. Every 5,000 miles, you should inspect and rotate the tires. Get your belts adjusted every 15,000 miles. At the 30,000 mile mark, have your exhaust system inspected. You should replace your oxygen sensor every 90,000 miles. Drive belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles. Batteries should be replaced every four years.